Kingdom Minds 4: the Celebrity Battles universe finally integrated into a tale?


A major piece of information from this weekend fell yesterday and it was undoubtedly the official reveal of Empire Hearts 4 by Rectangular Enix through the unique truck that caused the video game planet to react. Some fans didn’t wait long to unpack the 7-min video, and this analysis would already reveal more intriguing data about the upcoming Hearts and Minds Empire.

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Integrated Superstar Battles universe for the first Empire Minds?

For those who don’t know, the fable Kingdom Hearts and Minds is known for bringing together mythical characters from the classic Disney universe and from the Block Enix universe such as Donald, Goofy, Philip Skillet or even Squall Leonhart and Fog up Strife (Last Illusion).

Disney has respectively bought the Marvel and Lucasfilm (Celebrity Battles) licenses sober 2010 and sober 2010, but since all these temperatures, no character from these sober known universes has been integrated into an Empire Minds saga. Nevertheless, the clue seen during the trailers unveiled elsewhere caught the attention of many people.

Indeed, one of the paragraphs presents us with a setting located in a fortification resembling those that could be found on a moon. Forester of Endor. In addition, the short passing lets us glimpse the metal foot could belong to the AT-ST which, the famous imperial assault vehicle on two feet.

as always, we sober remind you to take these rumors with a grain of salt. The excerpt and the coincidence all the same leave room for a legitimate doubt. Would the crossover between Empire Hearts and minds and Superstar Battles or even Wonder be considered in the future, that’s what we’ll see.

1649669227There will be no question this will be a feet of the AT-ST /zNIPJl0MbO

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