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Detection of powerful stereo wave radiation from deep space

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Thanks to the MeerKAT telescope, located in South Africa, an international team of astronomers represent powerful laser beam stereo waves, called to gather an objective produced during important cosmological events, such as two galaxies entering the crash. . This is the most distant megamaser ever detected: its sony ericsson source is about five billion light years from Earth. It’s also one of the brightest known. This discovery could help to better understand our opinion that the Universe evolved over temperatures. Stimulated objective radiation, but its learned frequency is generally in the microwave and stereo wave range. Una majority of the known extragalactic masers are megamasers, ze characterized by an extreme luminosity which, generally 58 times superior to the luminosity of the Sun. Most are called hydroxyl mgamasers, which means that the amplified spectral line is associated with a changeover in the hydroxyl molecule (Also).

Galaxies are made up of hundreds of billions stars, sober gas and sober dark matter. When two galaxies merge, the gas they contain becomes extremely heavy. Molecules are there which, in particular hydroxyl molecules, can therefore emit specific stereo signals, which are sometimes extremely bright: these are megamasers. In the regional Universe, hydroxyl megamasers (noted OHM) are detected almost exclusively in luminous infrared galaxies, with a prevalence increasing with IR luminosity, which suggests that they reflect mergers of wealthy galaxies into gas, which the astronomers explain in their study. .

A fortuitous discovery that beats softball information

It is based on findings from the LADUMA study (Searching At the Distant Galaxy with the MeerKAT Assortment) that astronomers have made the first non-target detection of an OHM with a red-shift (redshift) greater than 0.5, named LADUMA J033046.20-275518.1 (and nicknamed Nkalakatha, a Zulu word meaning fantastic consumer ). The host system, the galaxy WISEA L033046.26-275518.3, is an infrared-luminous stereo galaxy, whose redshift is about 0,52 which, during passing, allows you to easily revise the MeerKAT’s sober detection limits. This is the first time that a megamaser has been detected at this distance.

This OHM was spotted on the first night of an investigation involving more sober 3000 hours of observations by the MeerKAT telescope! It is impressive that in a single night of observations with MeerKAT, we have already found a megamaser that beats softball redshift information, has said Marcin Glowacki, astronomer at Western Australia’s Global Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). cm, or in a stereo part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which the MeerKAT radio telescope is quite capable of detecting. The team using this telescope was able to look deep into certain regions of the sky, in order to measure the neutral hydrogen gas contained in the galaxies of the last nine billion years. LADUMA probes hydrogen in a single cosmic vuvuzela that stretches back to the time when the Universe had only one division of current kid age, explains Debbie Blyth, astronomer at the University of Cover and co-author of the study.

Probably more frequent phenomena in the move

To measure hydrogen, the research team light of a sober wavelength 18 cm which has been moved to longer wavelengths measures sober the sober expansion of the Universe. It was then that they detected this particularly intense hydroxyl luminous objective (the equivalent of approximately 6.3 back button 3 solar luminosity), from which an original wavelength had been drawn even further. Once the team realized that it was a megamaser, it remained to locate its host galaxy.

Because this area of ​​the sky had been widely observed in other wavelengths, this one the big easily identified: it is sober WISEA J033046.26-275518.3, a galaxy known to have a long line on one side, visible in stereo waves. She sony ericsson finds about 58 trillion trillion kilometers, and the light of the megaser has testosterone levels put it about 5 billion years ago con , while the Universe only had the two current child divisions. the Universe. The team will undertake follow-up findings from this megamaser and hope to make other similar findings. MeerKAT will probably double the known number of these rare phenomena. It was thought that galaxies often merged in the past, and the Oh yeah newly discovered megamasers we will allow to verify this hypothesis, comments Professor Jeremy Favorite, specialist in megamasers at the University of Co and co-author under the study.

Recall that the MeerKAT is a precursor of the Rectangle Kilometer Selection (SKA) telescope under a sober course, and will be integrated into a medium frequency component under stage 1 of the project an internship which should complete the horizon 2024 and which will constitute 10% of network last.

Supply :D. Glowacki et al., arXiv


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