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A robot-caregiver able to dress an individual

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Imperial University in London, a nurse’s aide with a rather unusual morphology recently learned to put on an individual shirt. It is indeed a metal man who was designed by a team of researchers to achieve this task. As basic as it may seem, it is actually not so basic for the automatic robot

The results of the upstream research were recently published in the journal Technology Robotics. The idea was, put the scientists, to create an assistance robot capable of carrying out useful adjustment tasks in the world of care or personal assistance. For the second, they learned are focused on dressing a person. Assistive programs have the potential to help people with disabilities with a variety of activities of daily living, such as getting dressed , can we read in their study.

big t worth during sober 100 trials , all consisted of having a medical training dummy put on a gown. He reached 90,5% success, that is to say that he succeeded in accomplishing his task 181 time. El result ethical fortification, therefore. And if this task may seem childish, it is not so much in the world of robotics.

Indeed, dressing an individual supposes sober manipulation a fabric, therefore a highly deformable element, which changes both a simple size and a simple form a simple function a way in which it is arranged. For a human being, this gesture is quite natural, but in reality it requires a very great capacity for adaptation. It is also necessary to be able to recognize the good side of the garment, to arrange it as it should on the individual In short, it is all el artwork! managed to establish a working procedure. The automaton begins by grabbing a hospital shirt hanging from the train, unfolds it completely, then navigates around the lighted, raises the user’s arms to finally dress him. To allow the metal man to better find his way around, the team decided to focus on specific factors to identify and cling to, and not on the analysis of how the sony ericsson fabric behaves in boy ensemble.

Training using a simulator

For Mehmet Dogar, sober at the University of Leeds in the UK, whose words testosterone levels reported by the New Scientist, this is surely a good approach. When you put on your own shirt, putting the middle finger in the sleeve, you don’t know exactly where learned finds the rest of the garment, do you? , he analyzes as well.

” data-image-title=”etapes-pipeline-habillage-patient-robot” data-large-file=”https://trustmyscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/etapes-pipeline-habillage-patient-robot.png” data-medium-file=”https://trustmyscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/etapes-pipeline-habillage-patient-robot-300×77.png” data-orig-file=”https://trustmyscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/etapes-pipeline-habillage-patient-robot.png” data-orig-size=”800,205″ data-permalink=”https://trustmyscience.com/robot-soignant-capable-habiller-patient/etapes-pipeline-habillage-patient-robot/”>

robot patient dressing pipeline steps
Simulation and real environments without help dressing by automatic robot. (A) Record of seizure of the garment on the railroad. (M) garment unfolding cassette. (D) Dressing of the user’s two arms. (M) spread of the garment could cover the upper body. Enthusiast Zhang et al./Imperial University of Greater london

Before being put into real-world use, the robot was first trained using a computer simulation. The neural network ap used could help him understand the different possible configuration settings. To sum up, the idea was to have him compare pairs of clothes, each time with a real scenario and a simulated circumstance, to be able to measure the figured similarities and take into account the inaccuracies of the simulator parameters.

Mehmet Dogar, however, does not imagine that robot-caregivers could invade our hospitals in the near future. Sober effect, it is only a negligible task among others, and robotics remains less effective than a caregiver in seat and in operating system even in ze focusing only on this one. If you place this software in a real hospital, even for this task, it will fail several times due to the variants of the problem. So, I don’t think we can dread that robotic nurses are possible any time soon, but these are research questions that we need to ask and study in order to be able to move towards this, he says.

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