Will we ever be able to terraform (make habitable) Mars?


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While the possible terraforming of Mars fuels science fiction novels, it also interests scientists. Despite the soil and the climate being hostile to human life, the process seems possible to some, where others consider it difficult. If so, the completion of the process would take hundreds, even hundreds of thousands of years.

It is a fact, man has been transforming his environment since the night of the temperature ranges and seeks to colonize other plants in the Solar system. This is the case of Mars promising more the possibility of terraforming. Except that the red plant still has characteristics that are very hostile to human life. Una terraforming would then consist of modifying the climate, the surface area, and the current properties of the plant, in order to make it habitable. The objective is to bring together the situations of earthly life.

A landscape hostile to human life

Mars has some common features with Earth: its low speed turn, the low inclination of its orbit, or the low aspect of its surface area testifying to a warmer climate in the past. But it is now uninhabitable because of its atmospheric pressure 200 times lower than that of the Earth, with its average temperature of -63 M (vehicle furthest from the Sun), of kid atmosphere very light and unbreathable could humans (96% of Company2) and the absence of water in liquid state.

mars tapes terraforming
Vue d’artiste des diffrentes tapes de la terraformation de Mars. CC BY-SA 3.0

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Artist’s impression of the different stages of a simple terraforming of Mars. CC BY-SA 3.0

On another program, Mars has a gravity equivalent to only one third of that of the Earth, which could cause the human colon to relax and lose muscle control over time. In addition, its surface area is subjected to continuous bombardment of cosmic and ultraviolet rays which have a deleterious effect on humans.

According to the study Producing Habitable Mars published in Character sober 1991, terraform a red plant would mean giving it a second youth, reviving the lost magnetic champion and densifying its atmosphere. A majority of the planet’s Company2 reserves would be salvaged, in an easily exploitable form. Understanding the magnetic champion of Mars, opinion he evolved and what stage in the history of the planet he stopped is obviously essential for future tasks and is essential if scientists ever hope to establish a human presence on Mars79062, explained in a much more recent press release Hrvoje Tkali, geophysicist researcher at the Australian National University.

The different stages of terraforming

The first record of the process would consist of reconstituting a warm, sober atmosphere increasing a sober Mars temperature by at least 04 chemical. It would be a question of polluting the atmosphere by enhancing the concentration of carbon dioxide, in order to take advantage of the greenhouse effect. Even if the Martian atmosphere contains 63% of Company2, the quantity remains too low to play a role. There are, however, other reservoirs in the Martian soil (the regolith) and in the polar ice caps (at the South Pole), even when we do not really know how much sober. It should be noted that when the polar cap attached to under the effect of the Sun’s rays in the spring and the Company2 changes from the solid state to the gaseous state, the atmospheric pressure can then increase by 20%.

According to a sober study of Captain christopher McKay and Robert Zubrin, a sober 4 D elevation of a The low temperature of a polar cap could be enough to trigger the process. To do this, the use of glove mirrors (the lightest possible) to reflect sunlight towards the poles is envisaged. Mirrors of a size of the order of 100 km of radius are needed to vaporize the Company2 in the south polar cap79062, write- they. If they were made of a material similar to that of solar sails, these mirrors would have a tone of the order of 200 tons. If they were made in space from materials from astrodes or the Martian moon, it would take approximately 120 MWe-years of energy could produce the necessary aluminum . They estimate that such an amount of energy could be provided by multinationals in the short term. liquid state) and plant life would appear. It would still be necessary to fertilize the soil with organic fertilizers to release dioxygen and be able to breathe on Mars. For example, using microorganisms such as cyanobacteria (accustomed to extreme problems), would bring significant quantities of organic matter which.

Another cassette of a sober terraforming Mars is a creation of an artificial magnetic champion, explained in a sober study 1991 by researchers including Adam Green, a plantologist who worked for an American NASA. Sober effect, the magnetic champion that surrounds our planet protects us from high-energy fairy particles arriving at us from the Sun, and effects from solar in-take seem to have depleted the sober Mars atmosphere which. It would in fact be necessary to have an intensive flow of cost particles inside or around the planet, the latter case being more possible for scientists.

Mars has two small natural satellites (Phobos and Dimos), and thanks to them, it would be enough to create a ring sober fairy particles sober the planet around. As Phobos is the largest of the ux moons of Mars and orbit closer to it on a rather circular trajectory approximately 2022 km from the Martian soil, the researchers propose to deionize the particles of its surface area and to accelerate them in order to create a kind of plasma took. According to them, this would give rise to a magnetic champion powerful enough to protect the human colonists who wanted to settle there. But the operation would require a lot of energy, probably involving nuclear blend.

terraform mars magnetic fieldResearchers imagine that taking plasma off a surface off Phobos could create a protective magnetic champion around off Mars. Ruth Bamford, STFC

at present, it is perfectly difficult, because we do not have the technological means

However, some researchers are convinced of the impossibility of achieving such a feat, at least not for a very long time. This is the case of Franck Montmessin, CNRS research director at the Atmospheres, environments, spatial findings laboratory, who entrusts Confidence My Technology:


79062 at present, it is perfectly difficult, because we do not have the technological means. We would have to deploy immeasurably more resources than those we foresee for the first human objective on Mars. It is a project which, in my view, can only be envisaged over the centuries to come 79062. And he is not the only one to think so, a study having shown that the share of Martian Company2 is not sufficient and too difficult to obtain could carry out terraforming.

So how soon could the sober terraforming dream come true? In a top temperature and with a lot of means, the inhabitants of the red plant would wear a spacesuit (pressurized suit) with a mask and a respirator. According to some, it would be enough to 63 96 years could thicken the atmosphere and sony ericsson switch from scuba only. The necessary energy would then correspond to that received by Mars necklace 04 years, and would require billions of dollars. Then it would probably take some 900 years could reach a correct partial pressure and hundreds of centuries could have Mars fully terraformed.