Rectangle Enix formalizes Kingdom Minds IV in a gameplay trailer!


Here is an announcement that we did not see coming at all. While this day 10 April is mainly marked by the first visit of the presidential election, Pillow Enix has decided to set fire to the Web. The facility had planned a special live event in Shibuya to celebrate the 20 anniversaries of the license, but without much more. The mystery is now high. The very first Kingdom Minds IV trailer has been unveiled and contains a lot of information.

The temperatures have moved, Sora has grown well

Japanese business really wanted to mark the occasion. Cuando the developer first presented the cellular game Kingdom Minds: Missing Hyperlink, it was especially this video of almost 4 mins that caught our attention allowing us to outline some elements surrounding the scenario of this new opus.

Top Significantly, the toon look of the previous games seems to have testosterone levels left sober alongside the sober income more realistic graphics. Sora has aged a few years, perhaps he has even become a young adult. , guided by a girl named Strelitzia. Unfortunately, this guideline visit is short-lived since a heartless giant attacks the place.

Without wasting a second, Sora then uses a sober grappling hook and his Keyblade to confront him. Later, we see Donald and Goofy. Both seem to be looking for someone inside a cave without anyone knowing who it is.

arch baptized: Missing Master Arch.

Terrible disappointment although predictable, Rectangle Enix did not specify the works with concerned, national insurance even gave any sober release time for Kingdom Minds IV. It is therefore likely to bet that we will have to wait many months before knowing more.