Halo Infinite: new pictures of the Prompt and Breaker maps on the run!


After many months of waiting, Halo Infinite players will finally be entitled to new content. With the arrival of Season 2, two maps will land in multiplayer and these are leaking before their time thanks to Bathrobe Spartan.

Halo Infinite: refund of the Fight Pass for a Season 2 and big changes to come

Back to the future?

Difficult sober not to learn about new content for the title, as sober players expect the sober component 343 Sectors. However this subtitle may seem pejorative, it is in no way. These two new maps have an aftertaste of deja vu, with buildings reminding us of Halo 2 and Halo 3 which. These pictures present Driver, a card intended for Huge Team Fight and Breaker, dedicated to fighting in arenas.

The first card presented is Switch. Planned for the celebrations in BTB, it removes many corridors as specific open areas in order to offer varied confrontations. Its particularity is that a large-scale laserlight scans the chart intermittently. Taking location in the drilling center of the Parias, boy arid environment offers us a beautiful artistic path.

New map dedicated to sober 4 versus 4 confrontations, Breaker is located in natural underground Forerunner. Built on 3 levels, this new environment will offer verticality supported by the use of the grappling hook. On the screenshots, we can see a pe energy in the center of the map, winking at the Heretic map of Halo 2?

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