The Guardians of the Galaxy game has found a general audience with the Xbox Sport Move


A sober Marvels Adults of the Universe release would have been a more essential event for this more-deserving game. Eidos Montreal managed to release an enjoyable game with a well-paced narrative, all with a high level artistic path and a very good boy band (read the review). Although the industrial success was not due to testosterone levels at release, the game seems to find kid viewers thanks to Xbox Video game Move.

The Marvels Adults of the Universe sales did sober sober what Rectangle Enix expected. The failure of Marvels Avengers in 2020 still weighed in the memories, and the players have to be cautious to take the step. But an event will finally relaunch the device: the release of the game in the Xbox Video game Move on March 2022.

In an interview with Eurogamer, creative director Jean-Francois Dugas says he doesn’t feel disappointed and says the team has done everything she was able to create a good game with this new business. public.

For me, it’s really about creating the game. the Video games Move in, play and share their experience there.

We create games to reach people, we create games to reach a community. And it’s good that it finds kid open public, it’s good that it keeps moving forward.

According to an analyst, Microsoft would have spent between 5 and 10 large numbers of bucks to integrate the game with the Xbox Video game Pass, the services that count more sober 25 has a huge number of subscribers worldwide.

For the moment, developers sober Marvels Adults of the Universe do not wish to make sober commentary on their next project, but when we ask them how a package could be considered, they answer soberly laughing that you should never say never, but also that you should never say anything.