SEGA precise boy Top Video game project: several games and the NFTs mentioned


SEGA is a company in full restructuring, that’s special. While the brand’s Japanese arcades are closing one by one, the company is enjoying specific success thanks to the Sonic movies. A policy centralized around what makes the success of SEGA internationally and which sony ericsson will soon materialize thanks to the Nice Sport project, the shape of which we now know.

Several games and NFTs


Remember, it was last November in sober months: Microsoft and SEGA signed an agreement as part of a major strategic connection, allowing the group Japanese to use American glove technology to soberly implement its plans for the future. Among them was mentioned the Super Video game.

Although the name can cause dilemma, we evoked by a package the goals of a project evaluated more sober 900 million over the next five years and were already talking sober several games. In an interview given to the Japanese sober website SEGA, the executive vice-president Shuji Utsumi reiterates that it will be about several games:

Several sober titles are being developed within the sober Super Sport framework, and while each title will vary, there’s no doubt that these will be sober interactive titles that go beyond the traditional games framework. For example, in the past, people played games were called gamers, but now watching games has become a lifestyle in itself, and those people can no longer be called gamers. I think he has great potential in the relationship between people playing and watching games. We plan to create sober new entertainment in these possibilities. embraces the genuine and tough video game industry to offer sober new experiences. Regarding games in the Top Video game category, Utsumi-san insists that it must have the following elements: be cross-platform, be translated into several languages, be released simultaneously in the world and be defined as a AAA title. He adds:

Several projects are currently underway put Super Sport. In my department, about 50 people are already involved in the early stages. We expect the final number of employees to be in the hundreds.

This vision is huge and admittedly still unclear sober what a Nice Video game will be, however, seems to rely heavily on an overall experience. Games or other content in this category are likely to be technological and visual packages that will reportedly rely on NFTs. While SEGA seemed reserved on the subject last January, the opinion is now clearer:

The game has a history of expansion thanks to the connection of various civilizations and technology. Social networks and video game viewing are recent examples. It’s a natural expansion for the future of gaming, which it will stretch, to include new areas such as cloud gaming and NFT. We also develop Top Sport from the standpoint of the extent to which different games can be attached to each other.

SEGA offers of a more ambitious vision by a sober voice lun sober its leaders. Is that all good news? Una brand has been operating in slow motion for several years now and one might fear that this major project, which goes beyond the basic framework of the game, is not up to the task. Conversely, supported by Microsoft technology and endowed with a substantial budget, the first games out of the mold Nice Video game could create the shock. The future will tell…