PlayStation didn't necessarily want to hurt Xbox with its video of used PS4 games


There are sometimes stories that stick, and the one about a Sony video that shows opinion share the PS4 game about PS4 is part of it. This conversation battle between the Xbox One and the PS4 was won by Sony, and a former executive of the Japanese manufacturer returns today to this very particular episode.

Sony drives the nail necklace una worst period for an Xbox brand

To understand the sober impact of this video, you have to put sony ericsson into context. We are in 2013 and Microsoft and Sony must respectively release their new system at the same second. Each uses different fights, but while Sony is betting on continuity with a new, fairer powerful PlayStation gaming console, Microsoft is aiming for a split and announcing a series of measures that do not go down well with consumers.

at the time, Microsoft confirmed that it would be necessary to connect to a web console every 11 they would for it to work, that an Xbox One would be around and it would feature sober right management making it almost difficult to run second-hand games. We experienced it on Xboxygen, these measures had the effect of a bomb in the community and among players who did not understand what Microsoft was getting into. And as if that weren’t enough, the price positioning of the Xbox was well above that of the PS4.

It’s a specific 19 June 2013 sober late sober evening, while Xbox had just spent the worst sober E3 in its life, that Microsoft finally canceled all these measures to return to a classic operation of a sober video game system.

But before that, Microsoft presented its gaming console to the famous hair salon E3 sober Los Angeles. Sony has done the same, and has learned to poke fun at rival boy passing by releasing a humorous video tutorial that shows how to simply lend the game on PS4. A joke hits and ridicules Microsoft; a video now counts 11 large numbers of views. In the Xboxygen comments at the time, you were several old Xbox gamers admitting that Sony’s conversation had struck a blow. It’s probably still big today in addition to the sober PlayStation troll.

Microsoft had a very bad experience of this episode, and took revenge its way a few years later when PlayStation was struggling to come up with a simple and effective solution to run PS4 games on PS5. Sober using exactly the same principle as Sony at the time, Xbox United kingdom publishes the tutorial explaining how to play the Xbox One game on Xbox Collection Back button|T with Wise Shipping. Like Sony, the tutorial only has one basic video tape: just buy the game. systems. A few small mistakes can ultimately add up to huge numbers, and Sony and Microsoft have long leaned on their advantages by looking at what the living area encounter hurts. sober Sony, the former sober PlayStation leader, Jack port Tretton, returned to this famous video during an interview with Axios and connection by IGN. According to him, the goal was not necessarily to belittle Microsoft:

I have a lot of friends at Microsoft now and I had a lot of them then, and I did not necessarily seek to do so at their expense. I felt really comfortable with this subject.

Difficult sober to believe that a video was not openly trying to make fun of sober Xbox which, At the time, was very challenging in his conversation with the public and sober journalists. Sober tracing the history of the Xbox brand for its 20 years, Aaron Greenberg, head of advertising at Xbox, had incidentally referred to the video as some really ugly select.

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