Lizardmen invade Orcs Have to Pass away 3 in the DLC Tipping the Weighing scales


First landed sober as a temporary exclusive on Stadia sober July 2020, Orcs Need to Pass away! 3 took the huge on gaming systems and Personal computer el year later. Today, the Structure Protection of the Robotic Entertainment facilities invites you to fight against a new stony risk via kid new DLC Tipping the Weighing machines.

The Tuatara are your new enemies

Let’s be clear, it’s not about extraterrestrials, but Tuatara. As our title indicates, these are lizardmen forming a new horde to fight. In order to return them perform they come, the Tipping the Weighing scales content will give you access to new traps like the Briar Spot or new weapons like the Hands Gatling.

The top literally forces your enemies to move through a hedge, but not necessarily backwards, while the 2nd is actually a mini-gun stands a major which. The Tuatara have the ability to resist your strategy thanks to their colored shell which drastically reduces the damage you inflict on them.

Your sony ericsson clashes take place over 5 new levels specially offered in this DLC, one of which is sober war scenario (sober big, a sober bumper-sized OMD level with sober traps and larger siege gear) called Untrained Environment. This scenario is apparently inspired by the training grounds of Orcs Have to Die Unchained.

Finally, it should be noted that Showing the Weighing machines is a paid DLC which also saw the arrival of a free update during its child launch.

Orcs Must Die! 3 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|T, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia and Computer.