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Chrono Mix: The Major Dreamers Release arrives with boy trailer sober launch

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El other world, el other destiny. Nearly 23 years after its original release on the first PlayStation, Chrono Combination carries kid back to 2022 under the name Chrono Get across: The Revolutionary Dreamers Model. The comeback of this mythical RPG orchestrated behind the scenes by Pillow Enix is ​​the fruit of a long work which was revealed to us on the occasion of a Nintendo Immediate held last February, many improvements had testosterone levels announced at the time.

Chrono Mix gets a second life

Improvement, that’s the right word the make use of since Block Enix was shown very clearly to the sober second in his presentation. Chrono Combination: The Major Dreamers Version home not the rebuilding of the authentic episode, but the remaster. This means that the game has essentially been given a little facelift.

This new edition benefits from several advantages: reworked graphics (although it is possible to play with the old ones), a soundtrack- its orchestra, sober new artwork incorporated, a sober possibility of disabling random fights and above all the sober integration of French subtitles. this is child grand -panel sober recruitable characters, 40 to be precise, be great plus the number in the history of RPG.

Chrono Mix having appeared for the first time sober 1999, we have a thought for our youngest readers their eyes on this happy who, so here is a slight sober reminder of the story: you play Serge, the young sony ericsson boy finds a project in spite of himself in the other world who. He will discover through the package that boy living has remained with the destiny of the planet.

Note that this remaster also offers Revolutionary DREAMERS – The Forbidden Treasure. This is a textual adventure game released for the first time in 1996 on Satellaview, allowing to lay the angles of the history of Chrono Combination.

Chrono Get across: The Major Dreamers Release is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Computer via Vapor.