Xbox sober advertising gift card: pay 40.39 and walk away with 50


When you don’t necessarily have a simple gift idea to offer or you want to buy content on the Xbox Shop, a gift card is a safe bet! Good news is that the Xbox gift card of 50 is currently offered at the price of 50, at our partner Eneba. This is the second ideal if you want to crack on the spring sales and lower the bill even more.

program promo code

19% Sober Discount on Xbox Gift Cards

Who doesn’t think of saving money at the slightest quick to lighten the amount sober of their purchases? This is what our partner Eneba is offering you today on the Xbox Live life gift card 50 thanks to to the program promo code: MEGAXBOX50.

To see the offer

Thanks to this ad, you save 9,50 on the sober price of a gift card, i.e. a sober reduction 19%. This then allows you to buy games (including those that are already on sale), movies, cosmetics or any other content on the Microsoft Xbox Shop. To take advantage of it, nothing could be easier:

  • Order the card on this web page
  • Enter the program promo code MEGAXBOX50 on the payment web page (yellow arrow on cellular)
  • Place your order


    A basic and effective method that will undoubtedly please your wallet. You can then use your credit of 50 to buy what you want on the Microsoft Shop, knowing that he has regular con special offers, and in particular those that we relay every Tuesday on Xboxygen.