Slipstream puts the turbo in the trailers for boy arrives on units


After three more sober years alone on the land of the Personal computer, the sober game Slipstream training course finally lands on hair salon console games. The most retrogamers sober our readers will certainly find their account con. The truck unveiled by BlitWorks has everything we need to awaken our nostalgic fiber and make us spend beautiful hours in front of our TV controller in major.

A game that takes us back to sober childhood

If today every gamer is looking for a more realistic and more immersive game achievable, a period of years 80/90 mainly relied on a completely different niche: offering enjoyable games, without taking sober head. The choice was far from displeasing to us, so much so that we sometimes needed it to be little happy.

with unique graphics. A soundtrack, with synthpop and jazz blend affects that accompanies your classes through a variety of exotic locations around the world, cities, deserts, forests, mountains and beaches.

Alone or sober split screen for up to 4 players, Splipstream is a guarantee of sober swagger flying sober hand executing your best go every turn in 6 different game modes: Time Trial, Fight Royale, Great Tour, Cannonball, Course Basic, Great Prix.

Slipstream is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Computer.

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