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Meta plans sober to develop its virtual currency


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A dedicated currency in the metavers, or on untruths Meta social platforms (formerly Facebook) This is what sony ericsson would currently plot in the sober programs Meta Financial Systems, despite the recent failure to sober a Diem currency, puncture by sober Facebook 2019.

This new currency is for the second mentioned by the sober users of the firm under the sober name Zuck Dollars, in a rather obvious reference to sober managing director Meta, sober parent company Facebook: Tag Zuckerberg. The project is developed by Meta Financial Technology. The home information is not quite official yet, but that does not prevent it from coming out in the Financial Moments relationship, in particular taken up in the write-up by the media The Brink, and many others around the world.

Lauren Dickson , sober spokesperson Meta, however, expressed himself thus to sober The Edge : We are continually considering product improvements for individuals, businesses and creators. Sober as a company, we are putting all our energy into the development of the metaverse and that includes thinking about what payments and providers bankers could look like.

This Zuck dollar project would make package the recent failure of a currency called Diem, also punctured by a sober company 2019. This project had in fact aroused outcry from central banks as well as from regulators and certain political decision-makers. Unlike this currency, the new dialogue exchange system would not be based on the blockchain, like the various cryptocurrencies in blood flow today.

Exchange tokens and sober reputation

What is evoked would rather resemble a system sober exchange tokens, much like you can find in some video games. Their use would therefore be centralized by Meta. Reputation tokens are also imagined. These could be earned by users who could reward them for efforts benefiting the communities of Meta’s social networks. It remains to define this pursuit, definitively, a positive share. The Financial Situations suggests that this could be Meta’s way of somehow putting moderation back in the hands of the community. While this particular low-key currency is part of a logic of angled cryptocurrencies on a blockchain, that doesn’t prevent Meta from having other con projects that are more related to that. As we mentioned in the post last month, Tag Zuckerberg has thus announced the arrival of short-term NFTs on the Instagram platform. Also according to the Financial Occasions connection, the pilot project to integrate NFTs on Facebook is also underway.

sober Facebook has begun to fall in the face of competition. The value of its business has seen a dramatic decline recently, plunging as much as 24%, as Bloomberg explains. Could these new currencies under consideration be a sensitive way to raise the bar?

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