Halo Assets: Season 2 Fight Move Refunds and Big Changes Coming


Last week, Sectors revealed the various changes planned for the launch of Season 2 of Halo Assets. Cuando adjustments to the level of sober game settings, gameplay or even sober the interface are particularly expected, the new season will also be the sober opportunity to discover the new Fight Move. The latter has also been much criticized by players and the recording studio details today in the new blog page blog post the many changes made to this subject.

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Development, rewards… from the change to the launch of Season 2!

Among the reviews sober to the community regarding the game, una development and the Battle Move are factors that come up regularly. A first good news is that you will be able to refund your Fight Move with the rewards of season 2. 343 indeed indicates that it will be possible to earn 790 Credits with this new Fight Move, i.e. the price of High quality.

For those who don’t wish to pay, there is also good news as more simple customization items will be offered for free per Season 1 login.

You will find below the details of the changes planned for the launch of Fight Move #2


  • The value of the group offers will be more consistent between the different offers .