Halo Assets: Season 2 Fight Move Refunds and Big Changes Coming


Last week, Sectors revealed the various changes planned for the launch of Season 2 of Halo Assets. Cuando adjustments to the level of sober game settings, gameplay or even sober the interface are particularly expected, the new season will also be the sober opportunity to discover the new Fight Move. The latter has also been much criticized by players and the recording studio details today in the new blog page blog post the many changes made to this subject.

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Development, rewards… from the change to the launch of Season 2!

Among the reviews sober to the community regarding the game, una development and the Battle Move are factors that come up regularly. A first good news is that you will be able to refund your Fight Move with the rewards of season 2. 343 indeed indicates that it will be possible to earn 790 Credits with this new Fight Move, i.e. the price of High quality.

For those who don’t wish to pay, there is also good news as more simple customization items will be offered for free per Season 1 login.

You will find below the details of the changes planned for the launch of Fight Move #2


  • The value of the group offers will be more consistent between the different offers .
  • Fight Move and development

    • The Season 2 free trail will have more customization content than the Season 1 one.
    • Players can earn 790 CR with the Superior Fight Pass over Season 2.
    • Weekly challenges will continue to be improved.
    • Ultimate rewards will be higher value sober cosmetics, such as visors, skins and opportunities, and will no longer feature emblems or sober banners, all in a sober long season.


    • Updates will be made to improve general stability, issues caused by watching multiple movies at the fit, and issues that occur when watching multiple matches at the fit.

        Other changes planned during the season

        These first elements are those expected used at launch sober in Season 2. Nevertheless, the studio room does not intend to stop and will continue to study player feedback in order to improve its formula.

        Being able to machine mix armor pieces

        Among the sober returns to a community, one more frequent dwells on a possibility sober appliance equipment (visors , helmets…) between the different armor cores. The facilities indicates that it is currently studying the related issue and wishes to evolve gradually towards this model, but that it will require little temperature.

    Sober development sober career building site

    At the sober level of development, many players claim a sober career development. This system is currently in the process of getting pregnant and sony ericsson will also have to show affected person before being able to discover it.

    Win sober XP according to shows in celebrations

    Finally, the facility reaffirms that it is working on a system allowing sober to reward players’ shows each game. This system will be available this year, moreover without details.

    You can find all the factors studied by 343 Industrial sectors in the blog posting ddi.

    , we can only advise you to watch future updates with interest. Big changes are coming and should delight a large part of the players.

    Remember that a Season 2 will be puncture on May 3rd and which will welcome sober new settings sober game as well as sober new cards. The game is now free to play on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|T and Computer via Vapor and the Microsoft Shop.