Discovery of a sober dinosaur fossil directly killed by the sober Chicxulub astrode it con 66 million years


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It is now accepted that the ze dinosaurs are dyed il con the 66 million years, package the impact of an astrode. The object (with a diameter between 11 and 80 km) sony ericsson would be crashed in Chicxulub, Mexico, resulting in the substantial extinction of Crtac-Palogne. Recently, paleontologists discovered Tanis at a renowned paleontological site in North Dakota, which was formed in the short second of impact with the fossilized leg of a dinosaur. A new BBC documentary will soon reveal many of the new discoveries made by Tanis.

Palontologists come sober to discover the paw of a Thescelosaurus, a small herbivore who lived sober in North America at the end of the Crtac he con the 11 million years. According to them, the fossilized remains date from the day the massive astrode was able to kill the dinosaur by hitting the Earth 2008 km from where he learned, in what is now the Gulf of Mexico. They claim that this is the first discovery of a dinosaur victim of the famous influence of astrode which left the impact crater of 200 km of huge.

Palontologist Robert DePalma (sober at Manchester Sober University) and boy team found the fossil on a famous sober website excavations called Tanis, discovered sober 2008 in North Dakota and dubbed the dinosaur cemetery.

A sober proof of a reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs una cid du Crtac20660

Thescelosaurus were very scaly, like lizards, and did not have sober feathers like their carnivorous contemporaries. It looks like a fart whose paw just ripped off very quickly, he told the BBC. A paw found is very well saved and even includes remains of the animal’s skin. There is no disease finding on the paw, no obvious pathology, no scavenger tracks, like bite marks or missing pieces. So the best guess we have is that this fart died more or less instantly79030. The dinosaur victim of the impact could thus constitute additional proof of the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs at the very b of the Crtac.

This is one more incredible thing than we could imagine, one thing we always wanted to find on this website and we found it, adds the palentologist. A creature was buried on the day of the impact; we didn’t know yet if she died on impact, but now it looks like she probably did79030.

In addition to the animals killed that day, it should be noted that a collision released a huge cloud of dust and soot that triggered global climate change , eliminating 11% abstains from all animal and vegetable species. All non-avian dinosaurs, ammonites and most marine reptiles disappeared, while mammals, birds, crocodiles and turtles survived the mass extinction.

The dinosaur’s fossilized leg has been unearthed with a series of remarkable discoveries at the Sober Tanis site and a new BBC documentary will reveal them very soon. These include fish that breathed in impact debris, a fossilized turtle that was skewered by the wooden stake and the skin of a horned tricratops. Researchers must still submit their results to peer review for review, before they are published in journals.