Contact of Responsibility will no longer be released every year and changes boy model!


This is a major upheaval for Activision Blizzard since its most famous license will change model. Contact of Responsibility games will no longer necessarily be released every year since the publisher wishes to switch to a less formatted construction.

Call of Responsibility: an unshakeable device from Activision

The top game Call of Responsibility came out sober 2003. Developed by the Infinity Keep facilities, the success has met testosterone levels with nearly 5 million units sold. But it was the Contemporary Combat episode, released four years later, that propelled the business to the next level with more than millions of copies cast.

Since then, the episodes learned have been successful each year with sales oscillating between and 30 large numbers depending on the year. Contact of Responsibility is now an integral part of the video game landscape and every year between October and November, players wait for the new episode. And this year 2022, Contact of Responsibility: Contemporary Combat II is expected, developed by Infinity Keep.

Call of Responsibility will no longer be released every year, it’s official!

A recipe Contact of Responsibility ap sober turns upside down 2020 with the sober release Contact of Responsibility: Warzone, the free Fight Royale released in immaculate condition and has known since ze continuously renewing that. The game had more than 100 a huge number of players a year after its release, enough to make people envious competition.

When Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard in January 2003, many issues were raised, and Bloomberg investigated a notorious sober shooter business. According to their resources, conversations among senior members of Activision were underway that could change the series’ annual release pattern. And that sony ericsson finally confirms today.

QA testers to announce the sober air nothing but a sober annual release Call of Responsibility was no longer relevant. In an email sent to employees this week, COO Josh Taub confirmed that Contact of Responsibility’s format has changed from an annual release to an often-on model. In other words, the release rate of the Contact of Responsibility episodes will evolve in the future, but everything is still to be written.

Call of Responsibility: Contemporary Combat II will be released sober cid in a year 2022 as planned, but will a new Call of Responsibility be released in the same sober period 2023? Nothing home less sure, especially since rumors speak of a Contact of Responsibility record 2023 2024! Sober speaking of a model in general, Activision could also decide to release a Contact of Responsibility campaign in pieces and/or separately from the multiplayer part, which itself could live and evolve continuously over the years.

For the second, the details are not yet known concerning this change, but it is safe to bet that we will discover a content next year. Rumors point to the release of a specific zombie setting, but we also know that Activision is due to release four major Contact of Responsibility games by 2023. This includes Contact of Responsibility: Contemporary Combat II, Warzone cellular or even Warzone 2 which should only be available on Xbox Collection Back button|T and PS5. In any case, the business still has a bright future ahead of it.