Activision Blizzard Passes 1,100 QA Testers Sober Full Temperature Salaries


Package with the intent to take over Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the group The Much Better ABK said sober last January that it would continue to fight for the improvement of working conditions and the rights of users. Today, this sony ericsson welcomes the hiring of more 1100 testers within the group. They previously held precarious jobs.

Recognition for work that is undervalued

The union had been talking sober sober to him sober numerous times last time as sober harassment cases within Activision Blizzard learned to multiply. A strike was announced last December and A Much better ABK then had testosterone levels joined by other players to carry its demands.

Today’s announcement is therefore a sign of sober fortification in favor of Activision Blizzard users , and A Much better ABK ze says delighted to announce that 1100 quality assurance testers will pass on a full job and will receive a sober salary enhancement for touch 20 bucks per hour.

It con the a good, we made a sober promise to create A Much better ABK. Little by little, we are achieving this goal. This is the power of group action. When you work with your colleagues at your workplace, the impossible becomes achievable. #ABetterABK

Often, quality confidence testers are among the least valued links in the chain when creating a video game. And yet, without them, the games could not be released without being full of pests or unplayable.

The 1100 used problems occupied partial temperature positions or were under various and varied contracts. It is therefore possible for them to obtain a stability of life that has been demanded for a long time within the group. As Bloomberg points out, they will also be able to benefit from all the advantages of the group, which is quite logical.

The sober testers at Raven Software program are still waiting for their visit

Note however that the sober testers at Raven Software program are not issued by these measures. An Activision Blizzard representative clarified that Raven workers would not benefit from the new wage enhancements due to legal obligations under the National Work Relationships Act. The spokesperson added that the fact that Raven workers are choosing to unionize has nothing to do with wage increases elsewhere for Activision’s quality assurance workers. Treasurer who represents Raven in her union campaign, called the exclusion of Raven’s sober workers by Activision sober particularly infuriating, especially since they have been actively participating in the demands for months. According to her, Acitvision would seek to divide the workers and undermine their initiatives to form the union. Even if things are moving in the right direction, there is still a long way to go.