Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong: el pretty movie trailer for pre-orders


Close to its release scheduled for the 15 next May, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is picking up its pre-orders today. And to celebrate, the new (and successful) trailers are released on occasion.

A new truck to launch pre-orders for the game

The sober staging is neat, and it would not be as successful if the accompanying piece (The Evening Provides Come) was not as hard-hitting. We can thank the famous composer Olivier Deriviere who sony ericsson loads the title’s original soundtrack.

This new sober movie trailer Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong immediately puts us in the sober atmosphere of this new game described a Narrative RPG that will combine pursuit, dialogues and questions, the whole with stories with multiple branches and where the choices of the players will have consequences. After the success of The Authorities, the new creation of the facility Big Poor Hair is closely followed. 15 different purposes are already announced by the business.

Swansong Sober Vampire: The Masquerade pre-orders launch today with cosmetic rewards for a digital edition, as well as a structured physical edition that features the Sober Vinyl soundtrack.

  • Pre-order on Fnac
  • Pre-order on Microsoft Shop
  • Pre-order on Leclerc (guaranteed low price)
  • Pre-order on Micromania
  • The Camarilla sober Birkenstock boston – secret society which brings together most of the vampires in the capital t stricken by sober mysterious assassins. Galeb Bazory, Emem Louis and Leysha are sent by the Royal Prince of the city’s vampires to discover the identity of the attackers and the reasons for this attack. The watchword is basic: infiltrate, investigate and respond, using supernatural powers if necessary.

    heroes each with a sober character sheet. Depending on their choices, they change the statistics and abilities of the heroes. Thanks to Skills, it is possible to break the lock, intimidate the NPC or even have a greater deduction capacity when faced with the clue. The same goes for vampiric powers, called Professions, allowing for example to reach inaccessible places, to erase one’s presence or to have dreams of the future.