Utmost Payne 1 &lifying device; 2 rebuilding announced on Xbox Collection Times|T, Personal computer and PS5 by Treatment!


It was the unexpected news last night, the Treatment business announced that it was working on remakes of Potential Payne 1 and 2. It was via a write-up message on the boy blog page that the recording studio gave the first details of this project which must certainly please the players.

Sober remakes Maximum Payne 1 & 2 financed by Rockstar

We learn in a high temperature that Treatment has indicated an agreement with Rockstar for the financing of this project with a team whose size will correspond to a typical creation of a AAA Sober Treatment game.

Mike Houser, one of the last sober Rockstar Video games founding members still sober rental, said in particular that he can’t wait to play these new variations of the first two Greatest Extent Payne:

We were thrilled when our friends were sober at Treatmen t approached us to remake the original games sober Utmost Payne

We are big fans of the work the Sober Remedy team has created over the years, and we look forward to playing these new variations.

Both games are planned for Computer, Xbox Collection Back button|S and PS5 and will use the Northlight Sober Treatment engine. On the other hand, they are only able to be the second at the stage of the elaboration of ideas. Note that it is mentioned here that these are remakes, and not remasters. We must therefore expect work in line with that carried out in particular on Mafia: Defined Release released in 2020.

The Finnish studio room is very busy since it is working on several projects including a sober Control sequel as well as the highly anticipated Alan Wake up 2, officially announced sober last December.

Finally, let’s remember that a trilogy Potential Payne is currently playable on Xbox One and Xbox Collection A|S due to backward compatibility.