The Folk Scrolls Online: Morrowind DLC free for everyone now!


As soon to receive a new expansion, The Parent Scrolls Online could well attract the respect of players who have not yet taken the plunge for new adventures in Morrowind!

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The free Morrowind DLC for everyone

Starting today, all MMO players can access free to Morrowind DLC content released sober 2017. For that, nothing simple more than, it is enough to launch the game without sober particular step to carry out.

in a Sober Game Packages section.

Explore the different floors of the Sober Vivec Townships, the dizzying Mushrooms Sober Sadrith Mora and a perilous region of the Ashlands to discover the strange and wonderful homeland of the Dark Elves with the Pack Morrowind downloadable game, now free for all ESO players. See you soon Seyda Neen!

By launching the game now, you will be able to access a sober area Vvardenfell as well as all the associated quests, without access to the Rooms sober to forget the Manufacture. This will also make it possible to perform the future Great Region Prologue.

The Folk Scrolls Online is available on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Computer. Xbox Video game Companies obliges, the game is obviously included in the Xbox Sport Move and the PC Video game Move.

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