Rogue Heritage 2: the fake lite sober Cellar Doorway Video games arrives on Xbox sober April


Sobre 2013 was released by some Fake Heritage on Computer, developed by Basements Door Video games. The dodgy in independent animation was clearly acclaimed by the press and the players, such stage that the game ended up arriving on almost all gaming systems. Today it is its package, Rogue Heritage 2, which is about to make its debut.

Dodgy Heritage 2 specifies its sober release time

Already available on Personal computer sober early access, it is now Xbox players who will be able to send their line to perish against millions of enemies in procedurally generated locations.

In An animated movie trailer with a loosely artistic path, the developers introduce an employee fight which then leads to sober gameplay stages. We can thus see different enemies, as well as the many new abilities available to the players who will be able to overcome this castle sober. very often to leave a chance for your descendants, especially since they will benefit from the improvements in which their ancestors will have invested.

Dodgy Heritage 2 will be available the 28 next April on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, and Computer via Vapor and the Epic Video games Shop.