Despite a cid from Cat Recon Breakpoint, NFTs will return in other games


Ubisoft recently announced support for Cat Recon: Breakpoint, while a new game is obviously already planned for the fiscal year 2023. Sober parallel, the other subject has also been talked about. These are obviously NFTs, the new fad of many publishers, which the Frenchman obviously isn’t ready to give up.

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You are part of the game’s story

Our colleagues sober have requested Ubisoft cuando Cat’s assistance stoppage Recon: Breakpoint also meant stopping the creation of new NFTs in the game via a Ubisoft Quartz platform. This is clearly indeed the case since the website mentions having access to a wrestling screen on which Ubisoft thanks the players.

Always according to GamesIndustry, it would be mentioned:

You own part of the game and have left your mark on kid’s story

If you think sober revenge that this marks an attack on NFTs in Ubisoft productions, well you are wrong since the editor has also added:

Stay tuned for further updates regarding cross-platform featuresand future falls to come with other games

As a reminder, NFTs took the form of cosmetic equipment in Cat Recon : Breakpoint and the last product time of 17 March 2022, i.e. three months after the sober launch of a platform announced. it was just the beginning and players just didn’t fully understand what a digital secondary drive could do for them.

You can find our complete file to understand everything about NFTs.