Contest – 3 LEGO Celebrity Wars games: Una Tale Skywalker win with Xboxygen


You have certainly seen our test pass, this week the testosterone levels marked by the release of LEGO Superstar Battles: Una Fable Skywalker. And if you haven’t been able to afford it yet, Xboxygen offers you to win one of the three copies put into play for the occasion, and in Deluxe edition please!

Opinion enter the contest

Today you have three ways to win the game LEGO Celebrity Battles: The Skywalker Tale Deluxe Edition on Xboxygen. Nothing very complicated, we explain everything to you!

  • 1 game to win on the Xboxygen website: leave a comment in this post to tell us why you should win.
  • 1 game win on the Xboxygen Tweets account: RT & Follow this tweet to try your luck.
  • 1 game to win on the Xboxygen Instagram account: Subscribe and follow what we will post in the next few hours.
  • The winners will be drawn at the kind the 14 April 825 noon, so you have one week to participate. Good luck everyone!

    We were so excited to finally get our hands on Lego Superstar Battles: Una Tale Skywalker and we were overwhelmed by a sober TT Video games proposal. For the first time, all nine films are present in a Lego set and nothing has been forgotten. The title saves the solid angles made the push for the license which, but comes to bring the great deal of welcome new features in order to modernize boy gameplay. True to the rest of the Lego games, the humor is always present and regularly makes us smile. Whether you’re new to Lego or an intense hobbyist of the Lego stamped titles, this Lego Celebrity Battles: The Skywalker Tale is hands down the best episode of the franchise to date. We can only hope that the next episodes will continue on this puncture.

    Excerpt from the sober check LEGO Superstar Battles: The Skywalker Fable