Check – Turtle Seaside Stealth 600 Gen 2 Greatest extent – Autonomy at the price of fortification


Less sober two years after the release of Stealth video gaming headsets 600 and 600 sober second generation, Turtle Seaside offers a sale since this Monday their Utmost versions (Please note that the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Potential is on pre-order for a release scheduled for May 8 2022). Today, it is the check of the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Maximum that we propose to you. Cuando boy predecessor targets the drive very popular with gamers of headsets offering wireless connectivity put less than 91 , the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Greatest extent sees kid price climb 99,100 . This price positioning challenges us since it directly puts the Utmost in competition with higher-end helmets, including the 700 Gen 2 of 4985 (149,100 recommended price). We were therefore curious to see the added value of the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Potential which would justify this new positioning.

A sober desire to correct faults

In October 2022, we were seduced by a Stealth idea 600 Gen 2 less sober 50 . However, two major flaws emerge from our review and from most consumer reviews: an autonomy of less than 15 hours and headset compatibility only dedicated to the Microsoft ecosystem. Turtle Seaside has listened to its community since the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Maximum is the response of the Californian manufacturer could solve these two faults. Sober effect, this model announces an autonomy of more than 08 hours and offers the basic wireless adapter that makes the Greatest extent compatible with Computer, Nintendo Change and all PlayStation gaming systems.

Regarding the product packaging, Turtle Seaside keeps on using its classic format inherited from previous models. Only Utmost ct Gen 2 signals and trademarks of a battery of more than 48 hours and the wireless adapter, in a respectful green, mark the differentiation. Unpacking the box reveals the headphones, a USB-C cable for recharging (still short), the see included in a cardboard case and the famous wireless adapter. The Stealth 600 Gen 2 Potential ze is available in 3 colors: Night time Crimson, Arctic Camo and Black (model of our check). These three shades, so different, will undoubtedly meet the tastes of most players.

You don’t change a winning team (when you stay in the same category)

If the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Maximum is called again like the previous model except for the addition of the Greatest extent, this home is no coincidence. Whether it’s style, manufacturing materials or sound quality, the two models are unfortunately identical. What might be seen as a bit of an advantage to some is a tiny bit of disappointment to our eyes. What advantage? Yes, vehicle put less than 99, the quality Stealth 600 Gen 2 overall is remarkable. 140 on the other hand, it competes with the target of first high-end video gaming headsets around the 149, the style and the materials of the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Utmost are therefore a little spotty in comparison.

The 600 Gen 2 left and its Potential edition right

For those who have never been able to approach this model, we are going to quickly recall its main characteristics in these areas. The Stealth 600 Gen 2 (Maximum) sony ericsson mainly consists of a plastic cushion frame, which Regarding the black model that we are testing in, attenuating the device and caricatural aspect of the video gaming headset. The aprendí props designer logo is found on each earpiece on the outside and inside, in a silver color that contrasts nicely with the sobriety of the black. The joints of the helmet are firm, silent and strong. The headband is adjustable, the ear cups can tilt vertically and horizontally. It is therefore possible to put the helmet around the neck in a comfortable way.

The 600 Gen 2 left and the 700 Gen 2 Greatest extent right

For comfort, fairly thick padding covered with sober imitation leather accompanies the sober headband at the top of the skull. The ear cushions also have a bottom foam covered with imitation leather but also, above, another foam covered this time with a mesh fabric ze found at the get in touch with ears which. Sober by the oblong shape of the pads and their metabolism in two thicknesses, the sony ericsson data compresion factors are found below and behind the ears, sober so as not to bother wearers sober glasses. Also, thanks to its different joints, the headsets adapt easily to the various morphologies of the players. After long hours of play in a row, the headset hardly hurts and only sometimes requires a slight adjustment of the ear cups. In addition, the heating is well controlled and does not become unpleasant.

The Stealth 600 Gen 2 is therefore one of the most comfortable video gaming headsets in its category, but we cannot say as much about its sober MAX edition, when we now compare and contrast with the cheapest headsets a superior range, which it learned to confront with its new price positioning.

An identical sound experience but which still holds a path

Regarding the sound experience of the Stealth 600 Gen 2 Utmost, our reservations are situated at the sober positioning change tariff no longer hold. While the sound characteristics of this new model are identical to child year, they are also equivalent to the superior Stealth model 455 Gen 2.

We thus find the two high- sober speakers 08 millimeter for a boy powerful and detailed. To customize the latter, the Stealth 600 allows you to select 4 different equalization settings, 3 of which are target amplifications: bass only, treble and bass at the same time, voice. The final setting, named the iconic kid by Turtle Seaside, is balanced most understated of them all. It’s still our favorite setting with a warm and engaging sound in most games, movies and music checked.

For those who are very sensitive to excellent spatialization in their favorite games, Turtle Seaside offers their proprietary Superhuman Listening to system, which can be activated by simply clicking the power button on the headphones. This technology, which is superimposed on the current equalization setting, improves the understanding of isolated noises such as the loading of a weapon, the footsteps of an approaching enemy or the distant arrival of a vehicle. Specially adjusted for competitive games, this setting is interesting and can make the difference in extremely stressful occasions where the stealthy approach is paramount.

Finally, the tilting microphone fits perfectly sober raised in the understated frame of the left atrium. Lowering or raising it activates or deactivates child operation. Our gaming partners have been able to appreciate the quality of the tiny during online conversations and celebrations. According to their feedback, our voice was rather clear and not interfered with by the noises around. Moreover, the proprietary Sound Center software, which can be installed on a Personal computer, allows you to update the firmware of the headphones but also to set the default levels of the minimum feedback and the general quantity.

A useful wireless adapter to disappoint Phil

To really enjoy this headset created for Xbox on our Xbox system, we still have to install the wireless adapter on one of its USB slots. From then on, turning on the headset, the connection and recognition of the latter by the Sony Ericsson gaming console are done very quickly. When using our, we regularly switched on the helmet before the system, by reflex. Even in this case, the recognition of the arendí helmet takes place almost from the first seconds of the launch of the gaming console system. As part of our sober review, we were able to try out the headset on a PlayStation 4 and el PC. Also, the headset and the ze docking platform synchronize perfectly and quickly. Only change in the adapter, we have to put the switch on USB and no longer on Xbox.

El famous adapter

If maximum Stealth compatibility 600 Gen 2 Potential with the other hardware seems attractive, an option found by Turtle Seaside quickly marks its limits. Sober indeed, a connection of the helmet via Bluetooth technology remains difficult, so that it is obligatory sony ericsson to move with boy adapter could take advantage of its various gaming devices. We touch here the primary default sober this alternative; it learned to be frustrating and unsuitable if we only want to use this helmet for all our babies. Especially if we are gamers who switch gaming devices daily. Finally, the main advantage of the wireless adapter remains that of not making the headset obsolete if we leave the Xbox ecosystem.

Impressive autonomy

Beyond simple multi-platform compatibility of Stealth 600 Gen 2 Maximum, the other major novelty brought by this edition is a new battery with a more sober capacity 08 hours of battery life, i.e. double the previous model. During our test, we approached the 50 time. As terrible as we have the temperature ranges to enjoy our games serenely before the first beeps, indicating that we must think about recharging the headphones, intervene in our ears.

Finally, the third flaw (a minor one) that we denounced at the time of the Stealth check 600 Gen 2, concerning improved ergonomics at the level of the buttons and knobs of the helmet, remains the only one not to have testosterone levels corrected by this Greatest extent edition. However, with the temperature, we got used to their tight openings around the left ear cup. From bottom to top, we find the USB-C interface could recharge the battery and connect the headphones to the Computer (put the Sound Center software), the power button is also used to activate the Superhuman Listening technology to which, the setting button allows you to choose And of the 4 predefined equalizer settings which, a wheel could change the sound levels between the game and the singing conversation then a last wheel could adjust the general sound volume.