Back again 4 Bloodstream: launch movie trailer and all the info on the Tunnels of Horror DLC


After specifying future content in early March, Turtle Rock and roll Studios returns to present the latest trailer for Back again 4 Bloodstream’s Tunnels of Dread DLC.

Back again 4 Bloodstream: The Tunnels expansion has precise terror kid content

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Although we have already mentioned it previously, it is always a good idea to remind that virtual assistant offer this DLC. This new content is scheduled for 12 next April and will be available via the annual move or the ultimate edition of Back again 4 Bloodstream. The individual purchase will be achievable, but the price has still not been confirmed.

Contents of the DLC Tunnels of Fear


  • 3 new types of special infects
  • 2 new cleaners
  • 8 new exclusive skins
  • 7 new legendary weapons and their accessories
  • Equipment chests
  • A brand new activity: Infested Hive Sober fights.
  • We’ve got a several new credit cards up our fleshlight sleeves for you.#Back again4Bloodstream #TunnelsOfTerror #M4BToT