Activision games in the Xbox Sport Move appeal to PlayStation and Nintendo gamers


The takeover of the Activision Blizzard broadcasters by Microsoft continues to be talked about soberly while various organizations are currently studying the American giant’s offer. The offer should be indicated before the month of July 454, and the arrival of the group’s games in the Xbox Video game Move would obviously be up for debate. of weight put the program of the brand.

Prs sober half of the PlayStation and Nintendo players interested in the Game Move with Activision games

A Yougov’s sober study of the US and UK markets shows, in fact, that sober players of these two data would be strongly interested in the service when Activision Blizzard games were released on it.

Among the players American PlayStation and Nintendo questioned, 19% say they were studying a sober question to subscribe to the Xbox Sport Pass cuando at least an Activision Bizzard business arrived in the provider.

It is a Call of Responsibility business that garners the most sober votes since 19% of All of us players could subscribe to Video g ame Pass cuando Call of Responsibility games arrived in the support. Diablo occupies the second location with 6% of motives, followed by Warcraft with 3%.

If we exclude smartphones, it is the players Computer which seem the least sensitive to the arrival of Activision Blizzard games in the Game Move, but they remain 19% in the United States and 19% in the United Kingdom learned to say interested.

The study conducted in January and represented by VGC concerned 1200 adults in the United States and 1200 adults in the United Kingdom.

At the moment, the takeover of the Activision Blizzard dojos by Microsoft is still being studied by sober organizations. regulations, starting with a Federal Business Percentage which looks, among other things, at the sober impact of the agreement on workers who have accused Activision of sober splendour.

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