Ubisoft unveils Range Six Mobile phone in video, its free-to-play shooter for iOS and Google Android


Ubisoft has just unveiled Range Six Portable, its new PvP shooter which will be playable for free on Google Android and iOS. The publisher presents the first details of the game and promises to offer a similar experience on cellular to the one we know on console or computer gaming.

Ubisoft’s current flagship shooter is coming to cellular

It’s a new team from Ubisoft Montreal that is soberly charged with this title. The primary mode will obviously oppose two teams of 5 players who will compete in destructible environments. We will find operators and certain simple Range Six Duress cards including Bank and Frontier. The facility also promises game settings as well as controls exclusive to cellular.

Several testing courses are already planned and you can register now by clicking on the link below .

The game does not have a release date yet, but we will of course keep an eye on its next appearances.

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Ubisoft announces an upcoming release from Jeff Clancys Range Six Cell, a new free-to-play mobile game based on tactical shooter, first-person inspired based on popular business Rainbow 6. Range Six Cell phone will be available on iOS and Google android devices via the App Shop and Search Engines Have fun with.

Developed by a new dedicated business team at Ubisoft Montreal*, Range Six Cell phone will offer gamers a true Dan Clancys Range Six Duress experience on cellular with tactical and thrilling gameplay. Players will be able to compete in 5v5 matches (PvP) in the primary game setting: Attackers vs Defenders. Attackers will deploy data observation drones and strategically breach harvested walls, floors and destructible ceilings while defenders will barricade all entry points and use spy cameras or booby traps to secure their place. Combining strategy and teamwork, players will experience the thrill of intense close combat alternating attack and defense to emerge victorious sober.

Players will be able to build their own team of highly skilled agents from the Rainbow 6 sober universe Duress who will have skills, weapons and devices of their own. The game will also feature iconic Range Six Duress maps including Standard bank and Boundary and will feature PvP game settings such as Secure Area or Bomb. With only one life their temperament and the impossibility of returning to life during a round, and ever more intense matches, players will have to quickly adapt to their environment, master the art of fortifying places and infiltrating enemy territory to lead their team to victory. .

Range Six Mobile phone has been developed and optimized specifically for mobile phone platforms and features exclusive sober game settings and customizable controls to allow sober gamers to play comfortably anywhere and at any time. .