Two Stage Campus: a release of the game sober management of the Xbox Sport Move is postponed


That a game is not postponed is now understated. Today, we learn that it is the specific Two Stage Campus that will not escape the rule, which is sober enough to disappoint sober many sober grass managers who.

Initially intended for tea 17 May, the campus sober your dreams will finally see the light of day on August 9! This is therefore a record of 3 months put on the next creation of Two Stage Studios Restricted which had already blessed us with a clever mix of humor and management in Two Stage Medical center.

Our aspirations since the beginning have been to release Two Stage Campus simultaneously on Personal computer and gaming systems, with the low level of quality that our community is looking for. For that, we need a little more temperature to make sure that Two Stage Campus is the best playable game on any game platform.

The developers are not announcing this news empty-handed, since they are taking the opportunity to share a video full of comments, but also gameplay excerpts!

We can see this path again. artistic cuando cartoonesque, as well as all the variations of humor that you will face in a sober management of your campus! It almost makes us want to go and study there…

Two Stage Campus is scheduled for the 9th of August on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Computer through Vapor. The game will be available the day of its release in the Xbox Video game Move.