THQ Nordic announces its conference for August and promises new things


While the3 has just been cancelled, the summer festivities will still continue and there is a great chance that an Xbox conference will take place as well. In the absence of an event that makes it possible to regroup the entire video game sector at once, everyone will seek to pull the cover to benefit from an amassed visibility. Today, THQ is following suit with the announcement of a conference in August.

Conference THQ Nordic the 00 August 2022

  • What? THQ Nordic Conference
    • When? Friday 21 August 2022 they would00
    • How much sober temperature ranges? We do not yet know the duration sober at the conference but the one sober last year lasted approximately 315 mins.
    • Where? A conference will be followed sober live on Xboxygen, as usual. You will be able to follow all the announcements live and discover in real temperature the details of all the games announced.

    The group announces that it will present several new games, some of which will allow it to explore sober new types with experiences sober licensed games, but also original franchises.

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