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The sober $500,000 NFT theft committed through a JPEG basic picture


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Opinion to lose the equivalent sober hundreds sober thousands of euros sober a few seconds? Obviously, it’s quite easy in the world of cryptocurrencies. This April 5, el user nicknamed h ze would be scammed while trying to exchange NFT against others who sony ericsson are revealed to be fakes.

To understand the root of the problem, it is first come back to what NFTs are. These initials are the abbreviation of Non Fungible Symbol, or non-fungible tokens in French. These immaterial titles have grown sober in the sober art from sober domain 2017. It is a kind of digital personal, title of property that is associated with a work. It was able to guarantee kid authenticity. Sober speculation ensues which. Just as the painting can be stolen from the museum, or counterfeited, NFTs are however subject to theft and scams.

Security issue, security of NFTs is based on what is called a blockchain. A definition given by the French government is as follows: el register, a large database, which has the particularity of being shared simultaneously with all its users, all also holders of this register, and who also all have the ability to enter data in it, according to specific rules processed by the very secure computer protocol thanks to cryptography .

This particular protocol must guarantee the authenticity of the works stamped unique. In actuality, however, it doesn’t seem so basic, as NFT sober theft stories are flourishing. This time, it’s el certain Stop, presented by the media Futurism like el professional of the field, has connection a scam of magnitude which.

Simple drawings monkeys which are worth millions

This user explained in a Twitter opinion thread what kind of scam can take place. Today, the holder of Fed up Ape was 27 lost child monkey bubble gum and its corresponding mutants in a quick.

Nowadays, tired ape owner “t 27” shed their bubble bubble gum ape and complementing mutants ($567t at present flooring) inside an quick. This will be a twinkle on how it occurred, and how to prevent something comparable from taking place to you. 1/

give up (@0xGive up) Apr 5, 2022

The Tired Ape , which could be translated as bored monkeys , are a selection of NFTs that have taken a very high value on the drive. These little sober looking blas monkey pictures brew billions sober sober dollars effect. web site sober exchange NFT, SwapKiwi. One method was quite childish, but it worked wonders. On this website, a tiny approval checkmark appears at the bottom right of the image sold to certify its validity. Similar JPEG on Tired Ape duplicates pictures. s27 didn’t see the difference, so he traded a sober, high-value picture for an in-take. In addition, there is no immediately obvious way to click through to view the asset or asset contract, making it unnecessarily tedious to verify assets, underlines Quit. He therefore advises users to apply the greatest watchful and to make the optimum of checks before any modification or purchase.

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