The Quarry: the teen-slasher unveils 30 to a few minutes of horrific gameplay!


After being unveiled in 17 March, The Quarry continues to be talked about and reveals 70 moments of gameplay. A selection is certain, we recognize the way of making Supermassive Video games!

The Quarry: movie trailer, sober release date, sending your line… the new horror game learned unveil

Let’s take a walk in the woods

With boy spreading of choice, until Dawn difficult sober not interested in the next game from the developers sober the excellent. Although the facility did not enjoy review success with The Darkish Pictures series, The Quarry looks more promising than its recent siblings.

on a sinister path sober very sober in the middle of a sober night. They are peacefully discussing their lives when a human figure appears on the path. Doing everything possible to avoid, Ted crashes the car in the middle of the road and the gloomy fog appears.