The new Cat Recon would be sober development, sober name code More than


Yesterday, Ubisoft announced the end of scheduled updates for Cat Recon: Breakpoint. After some turmoil within the sober community, particularly regarding sober NFT integration into the game, the developers clarified that player feedback has been instrumental and will help shape the future sober business. And that’s good, since a new episode is in preparation.

A new Cat Recon AAA episode

In a posting on social media, Ubisoft confirmed that the Operation Motherland release in October was a last and that the title will not receive new content. But according to Kotaku resources, the new Cat Recon game is well in the works.

According to website resources, the program code name of the project is More than, a program code name that had already testosterone levels previewed in the major outflow from the last NVIDIA local area network data base. The game is said to be developed by Ubisoft Paris, France with development reportedly beginning a year ago. from Ubisoft. Last October, Ubisoft unveiled another Cat Recon game called Cat Recon: Frontline , a free Frames per second developed by Ubisoft Bucharest which is planned for Computer, Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|T, PS4, PS5, Search engines Stadia and Amazon. com Luna.

Just yesterday, we were also talking about another project not yet officially announced by Ubisoft. Boy name sober program code would be Pathfinder and it would in all likelihood be a sober third-person shooter in an arena with heroes and AI-controlled characters.