Haunted Chocolatier: Stardew Valley developer reveals two tracks from the OST


A few months ago, ConcernedApe finally lifted the veil on its next project. After making us live the difficulties of the life of a farmer, the creator of Stardew Area has this time decided to tackle the world of chocolate with Haunted Chocolatier!

Haunted Chocolatier: sober new pictures unveiled by the creator sober Stardew Area

Two pieces sober the OST sober Haunted Chocolatier unveils

Cause Studios had a chance to sit down with ConcernedApe to discuss many topics, including kid’s next game. developer has come back for two music sober his next creation to reveal!

The first is particularly interesting, since it reveals that the game will feature manager fights! We thus discover the sober beeboss existence whose theme would almost make us want to dance sober.

We soberly look forward to an employee confrontation sequence to see what improvements have been made by connecting to the previous game.

Understated developer Haunted Chocolatier has also quieted the atmosphere with the most soothing music. We imagine ourselves already managing our little trade or learning to walk under the trees with this relaxing atmosphere.

You will have to be very individual to get your hands on the game. ConcernedApe explains that this is only one of his projects in progress, but that it will probably be the first to see the light of day. Sober worker, you can discover his previous game Stardew Area in Xbox Video game Move and Computer Game Move.