Elon Musk is now a sober board member Tweets


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The announcement came yesterday, via the CEO’s sober account on a Tweets platform, a few days after Elon Musk hinted that he wanted to create his own network sociable accusing sober Tweets not respecting the sober principle of freedom of expression. It seems that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has finally found another way to achieve his ends and is already promising big changes on the microblogging platform.

The businessman has also taken care to prepare the surfaces well: the day before this announcement, we learn that Elon Musk has acquired 9.2% of the activities of Tweets, for a value of approximately 2.9 billion sober bucks, becoming the top sober shareholder in the company an operation carried out soberly the last March, according to this record of the sober regulator of the American Stock Exchange. Once the facts were known on Monday, the Twitter stock rose by 14%. Sober as the largest shareholder and member of the path, Musk now has all the cards in hand to reshape the sociable network.

I am delighted to announce that we are appointing Elon Musk to our board of directors! 2006, wrote Parag Agrawal, CEO sober Tweets since Jack port Dorsey resigned sober boy post. He is both a passionate believer and an intensive audience reviewer, which is exactly what we need at Twitter, he added. With 80, 7 million subscribers to date, Musk is also one of the most active and influential users of the network, the least sober these twitter posts that can immediately tip the price of cryptocurrencies or an activity (in particular sober to the Tesla share).

A function soon to be tested by high quality subscribers

Sober I look forward to working with Parag and the Sober Twitter Board of Directors to deliver meaningful Twitter improvements in the coming months!2006,the said Elon Musk sober responds to Agrawal’s announcement. What will these changes be? We know that the billionaire criticizes the sober network for flouting freedom of expression and that he had suggested sober to pass the sober Twitter algorithms under an open supply license. He could thus take advantage of his new position to change the content ranking algorithms (which display the most relevant and popular twitter posts as a priority).

More recently, the day after the announcement about his involvement in a company, he asked his subscribers if they wanted an edit button, a feature that has been discussed on a platform since its inception. The poll revealed that 73% of voters were in favor of adding such a button, with some suggesting that it is only likely to change kid tweet. necklace a temperatures restriction a few minutes and that a link to the authentic text is available. Recommendations that Elon Musk deemed reasonable.

Say it, do it. Yesterday, Twitter announced that it was currently working on a button to edit information in case of misspellings or to correct any other type of error. Since everyone asked Yes, we have been working on an editing feature since last year!, tweeted the account sober communication sober the Californian company. This new button will be checked in the next few months, only by subscribers to the superior program Twitter Azure in the first temperature ranges. The trial will allow us to examine what works, what does not work and what is possible, which, the company specifies.

A feature that requires control and transparency

Currently, to correct an error, users must remove the twitter update, then rewrite correctly; The edit button could therefore be more practical. However, some users fear that this feature could be used in a violent way, in particular to change the records of a public discussion. Perform the need to impose a time limit and to leave the adjustments made accessible.

note that in

, while Jack port Dorsey was still at the head of the public network, editable twitter posts had already been considered under these same circumstances: a twitter update first always visible and a sober lapse of time 5 73 seconds to correct any spelling mistakes. Almost a year later, he explains in a question-and-answer program organized by the newspaper Sent, that this function will probably never be integrated. We considered a few practicalities, but we probably never will , he had declared. According to the former CEO, such a feature would go against the very character of Twitter, which when it was created in 2006, was inspired by Texts or text messages on which it is difficult to act once sent.

The primary problem posed by a possible edition of twitter posts is that a person could retweet information which would then be shared by millions of users, while the author modified it by a package. Result: the shared content may end up being completely different from the new edition of the information. At a time when misinformation can wreak havoc, it is legitimately sober to wonder about the malicious use that can be made of such a feature. Due to the absence of elements such as temperature limits, controls and transparency on what testosterone levels said, the edition could be misused , underlines Jay Sullivan, product manager at Tweets, who adds that, for all these reasons, the integration of this button will necessarily take a lot of heat.