eFootball 2022 sober edition 1.0.0: release on April 14 and list of new features


After a chaotic sober launch last September for eFootball 2022, Konami will try sober to forget this false start with the sober arrival of a 1.0.0 update of the game, scheduled for Thursday 2022 April 2022. For the occasion, the setting similar to FIFA FUT will be introduced and you can find all the details of the update in the records spot in this content.

A new start for eFootball 2022?

The developers know that the state in which the game was released greatly damaged a reputation under the license. After a quick apology, the facilities had promised to correct the circumstance with updates; this 1.0.0 edition is therefore quite expected.

Based on the comments received from our users, we have worked on modifying the pests, balancing the game and adding sober new elements to make it even more enjoyable for our users.

This update will also be a sober opportunity to discover a new mode for eFootball 2022. Called Fantasy Group (Previously Innovative Group), this is similar to FIFA’s FUT setting since it will be a question of creating your own team and making it travel to the four cash places in the world.

as one of the worst sober video game releases 2022 on Metacritic, there is still a long way to go to make sober eFootball 2022 a complete and finished game as the last PES were. The developers also assure that they will continue to take into account the comments of the players in order to improve the game so as to keep on.

We received a lot of sober comments It has all been part of the sixth release since v0.9.0, an important process to improve the game.

Don’t worry, we will continue to work on improving and updating our game after releasing the sixth is v1.0.0, in order to create a better digital football experience for all audiences. As usual, your feedback is an essential part of the improvement process, so don’t hesitate to send it to us.

List of changes and new features for eFootball 2022 1.0.0

Changes to defense commands and added Ask for push

Among all your comments, many referred to defence. Many people mentioned the challenge of defending and recovering the ball. After revising the priority order of the activities is situated in defense, we decided to change the default settings of the variations in order to make defense more intuitive. Pushing commands available in earlier variations will also be reintegrated into the game. Additionally, we’ve added a new command, Get in touch with with the shoulder, which allows you to regain ownership in a more aggressive way.

    2022Pushing: recover a sober possession putting pressure on the opposing ball carrier. Contain: Put pressure on the unwanted dribbler with a less open stance and shorter strides. also effective could block goes by or shots. Get in touch with with the shoulder: push away the unwanted player with the shoulder to recover the ball. Particularly effective when the opponent has moved the ball away from the boy’s foot or is trying to achieve a drop shot.

Sober outside sober individual defense, we have also reassessed the elements sober team defense. A Ask El Push command has also been added to the game. To send more and more players on the ball, other teammates will work cooperatively to reclaim ownership by blocking goes-by trajectories and advancing the defensive line.

In addition to these sober additions and functional changes, we’ve also made a bunch of sober adjustments to other essential in-game elements of sober defense to give you a more responsive and intuitive experience in sober defending.

Improvements to goes by and new Passe sober power command

In addition to sober defense, we also received a lot of sober feedback about the goes by. Many of you have opinions of the slowness of goes by and the high number of errors of goes by. That’s why we’ve made improvements focused on game balance and order fulfillment. high defense in addition described. Additionally, we have also incorporated a mechanism that uses ball bounce as an accelerating force that. This will come in handy in one-touch goes-bys, for example, as the ball’s speed will increase with this mechanism. We thus obtain a game of rhythmic goes by, an essential element of modern soccer. and after playing a pass. We have therefore incorporated the following fixes:

  • Improvements sober sober decisions target goes by
  • Improvements sober the sober decision-making sober lI.The. una reception de goes by
  • Movement improvements una reception de goes by Package these changes, duplicating errors of goes by has greatly decreased.
  • In order to make the sober game pass more pleasant, we have Also added a new tool, the Sober Power Pass command, which allows you to soberly hit the ball in various special trajectories. With these controls, you can set the pace of the attack and slip in more decisive goes by.

    As far as shots are concerned, we have made the following two improvements:

    • Sober improvement to sober shot speed giving priority to realism and fulfillment
    • Adjusted sober rate shots on target to reflect sober complement circumstances appropriately

    In addition, we have added to the game a variety of sober shots and trajectories for each scenario, such as the Sober Power Shot. All of this should allow you to experience a lot of realistic situations against the goal.

    strategic evolution thanks to improved sober dribbling functions

    In order to improve dribbling skills and give you a more rewarding experience when dueling through realistic activities, we have made the following changes:

    • Improved ball tracking accuracy and response to input from left analog stay
    • Sober improvement in response to Short activities entered Other functional improvements have also been made, among which the sober improvement in the reactivity and behavior of the ball with a new command Sudden change, but also in activities simple more feints grasp. We hope these improvements help create a more enjoyable experience when dueling against opposing defenders.

    Improved Sober Line Connectivity In order to improve the sober sober connection stability, but also to reduce the number of sober fits canceled, decided to adopt a client-server system from sober this new opus. sober guarantee you a better sober feet experience, we will continue sober to monitor a circumstance after an update and make the necessary improvements.

    Additional features for the Sober Plan game

      In order to restore some popular functionality, we have incorporated the following adjustments and additional features into the sober game program, all sober fixing some issues:

      • Added sober additional features like Sober Formation Change, Individual Directions, Auto Settings, Secondary Tactics, Data Management, etc.
      • Improved loading processing for better responsiveness

      This home as soon as the game emerges is on the iceberg, as we have incorporated many other gameplay related features and fixes. Stay tuned as we’ll be developing this New Soccer Game in more detail in the next update!

      Originally introduced as Creative Team, this sober game mode that allows you to create your own team will now be added to the game on occasion in an upcoming sony ericsson update named now team sober dream. But that isn’t the only change we’ve made as we’ve decided to rework many of our original ideas to help you create your own dream team. as well is an easy creation of a team made up of the best players and supervisors.

      In this mode, you can choose your favorite players and administrators at the moment sober to recruit them. You will then be able to develop your players according to your own game design. This will give you almost total freedom in the second to build your team according to your preferences.

      Design your team under your special dream, with your favorite players and the players you have developed, and bring your own understated game design to life. From then on you can compete against the understated dream teams of other fans around the world and the myriad of understated footballing approaches and understated styles of play they have to offer.