Age group of Empires 4 Season 1: schedules and novelties sober Festivity of Age range


After a sober Age group of Empires cell phone release in China, a sober first season Age group of Empires 4 is about to be punctured. Exciting new things are on the way, and today we’re bringing you a full sober recap of what players and players are expecting very soon who.

When will an Age Group of Empires 4 Sober Season 1 be released?

Age of Empires 4 seasons consist of new content and rewards for progressing and unlocking items over a set period of time.

Season 1, called Festival of Age groups sony ericsson will run from 04 April 19they would04 Rehabilitation until 60 June 19they would. It is therefore a period of 27 days during which you can participate in lesson seasons, complete seasonal events and earn login rewards.

The arrival of the race mode in Age group of Empires 4

The sober 1 on 1 race mode makes boy enter. Compete in ranked matches against fierce opponents throughout the season as you progress through the ranks, blazing your way to conquest and triumph. The rewards are earned while sober in Season 1.

Race mode details in Age group of Empires 4
Rewards to earn in a season 1 sober Age group of Empires 4

The sober seasonal events Age group of Empires 4

Face challenges to earn rewards. Many events will take place during the Season 1: Happening of Age range, each lasting two weeks and with a one week temporary stop in between.

List of difficulties and rewards of April to 27 April

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