Travel to Yomi offers 15 moments of sober gameplay before its release in the Xbox Sport Move


Officially unveiled sober 2021, Travel to Yomi was offered a new preview during the Condition of Have fun with sober Sony the 15 last March. Today, this could not be more intriguing title offers a long presentation of gameplay.

Enjoy mins sober gameplay


It’s via a more sober sober video 15 a few minutes sober gameplay that we discover more sober details certain elements of the game like its fights. The least that can be terrible is that it still seems so intriguing and once again has to know more than one.

As a reminder, the title puts us in the skin of Hiroki, a young samurai charged sober to protect his city and the people he loves.

Travel to Yomi is scheduled for release on May 5th and will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Computer . It will be in perfect directly available in the Xbox Video game Move.