The new Burial Place Raider game is soberly developed under Unreal Motor 5!


It’s official! The new Burial Place Raider game is well under development within the Crystal Design facilities teams. At the same time, we learn that it is the A fantasy Motor 5 engine that will be used in this new opus.

A new Burial game places Raider with even more advanced visuals

The famous business Ben Raider home not near sober stop, far sober d! The success of the latest games allows Crystal Mechanics to explore new ideas and after the release of Darkness of the Burial Place Raider in 14, a new episode is in development.

The capital announcement was made during the event dedicated to the Not real Motor 5 engine of Epic Video games. A release of the new Burial Place Raider doesn’t seem very close though, as Very Characteristics says development has only just begun. According to the developers, the goal is to develop a new Burial Place Raider that offers a cinematic action/adventure experience that. .