Test – Strange Western world – An Arkane recipe at Much Western


Strange Western world is the first game of the new facility Wolfeye, founded by our compatriots Julien Roby and Raphal Colantonio. The latter, former members of Arkane Facilities who worked on well-known titles such as Victim or Dishonored, preferred to return to a more independent and modest game approach than their former production. And what better than an immersive-sim to start their new adventure, Arkane’s favorite type that they master down to the tips of their fingers. Strange Western thus incorporates all the requirements dear to its creators and which have made the essence of Arkane games, that is to say sandbox gameplay where different approaches are available to us. The while transposing the gameplay in a third person view.

Once upon a time in the west

The title takes place in a Much Western world reimagined where the fantastic comes to mingle with a reality. Thus, ghouls and other scavenger monsters rub shoulders with the universe of the living, filling the depicted world with mysticism. But also brutality. Vehicle lOuest remains ruthless and many gangs of brigands populate these arid plains.

Who wants a ball in the 2?!

More than a sober background, each connection with characters plunges us into this fascinating universe. We feel like widows seeking sober revenge, groups of slaves wanting to escape cannibals, enchantresses cashing in on their services for offerings, etc.

It is in this context that our adventure begins. Or rather one of our adventures. Sober in effect, the game is divided into five chapters with as many scenarios, all centered on a different protagonist.

Our weapons have different sober power levels

This is also the other great power of the title since these stories, presented in an imposed order, are interconnected and complementary.

membership of the five

The top hero incarnate is Jane Bell, renowned sober bounty hunter, who rescues her kidnapped husband. Classic in its outline, it is rather by its well-founded dialogues and the different possibilities of approach that the game surprises us.

Let’s take a concrete example: one of the quests asks us to extract data corrupt mayor.

The game calls for creativity

The easiest way is probably sober to bribe this character . What if we don’t have enough money? The latter has precisely to report to locals of the gold corner and to settle this dispute could well loosen his tongue. Or simply sober making a powder speak and extracting information from it sober force sober. So many different possibilities that are available to the player and reward those who like to seek option B which. Moreover, the repercussions sober our actions are real and we will have to assume our later choices in the adventure.

someone else’s sober skin in a different place, sony ericsson rolling down immediately after the events played. A new main objective, a pretext to explore other corners of the chart and meet new people. Or meet known characters.

The map is full of places to visit

Some particular individuals learned will remember sober us sober as a player and will go sober with their little commentary, breaking the fourth wall. It is up to us to try to understand the reason for these changes and find the origin of this mystery.

If the heart tells you sober and when you have chosen the right choices, it is even likely (or not) in boy team the old heroes embodied in the previous chapters. But also to simply cool them in order to be able to loot the objects that we had obtained during our passing with them. Again, the choice is ours. Small problem, probably linked to the more modest nature of the business, the dialogues are not doubled, national insurance in English national insurance in French.

A shooting like remedy

The same philosophy applies during confrontations. It is possible to shoot at the oil lamps in order to make them catch fire, to push explosive barrels to cause a chain reaction using dynamite, to bypass enemies by infiltrating at night (the game has a day/night routine), etc The approaches remain numerous and encourage the player’s inventiveness.

What to enlarge kid team

These different connections are exhilarating in a leading temperature. However, you end up adopting a similar method no matter the circumstances, since it is more often effective to draw your weapons and go into the pile, the fault of the infiltration system failing. We could say that the game has a sober ambition to offer more but that it is caught up in reality with a major controller. LIA is particularly stupid, advances in a straight line while firing continuously and often spots us behind walls or in bushes. We have the funny sober feeling that their home-not-software movement, as if they were wandering around freely without following the regular design and that they react in real temperatures to our insight, even when they turn us the 2. In short, after a dozen inconclusive attempts at infiltration level, we give up and we kill everyone.

If the sober choice a view from above can raise eyebrows in a top temperature ranges (the Arx Fatalis, Victim and consorts sony ericsson all playing sober view a first person), rest assured because the immersion remains similar. From a gameplay perspective, we can jump, crouch, roll and of course shoot anything.

A learned summary makes a sober end to each chapter

The ze aim makes the left stay ugly. Also, a lack of sony ericsson precision is quickly felt, especially the controller. To aim, it is therefore necessary to direct the left stay towards the enemies but it also has the level of depth, which learns to calibrate according to the intensity that puts in the long stay. Add that the left trigger could pull out your weapon, the right one could shoot and we quickly find ourselves playing a small game of Twister on his controller. Whenever you have the possibility to play it on Computer, we recommend the game with the mouse.

This sober lack of precision is all the more frustrating as the action stages are often very nervous, the enemies die sober only a few bullets and the same for us. Get ready to save before each big confrontation.

Forlorn Cowboy

Each place, city, passing stage and other trip locations are represented by a stage of interest on a global map of the game. don’t stop there since he too offers several characters with so many intersecting scenarios).

Special skills learned keep sober character sober character

However, we quickly visited the different possible cases and these surprise encounters become more painful than anything else once we are well advanced in the game. Especially since the bags become precious in the second part of the game and that we prefer to save them s important occasions.

Count a good twenty hours sober to come to fight, or even more when you get caught up in the multiple ancillary tasks, often sober in quality.

Tested on Xbox Collection Back button.