Forza Insiders: sign up for a chance to be a Forza Motorsport 8 specialist


Convert 10 learned to be rather discreet and as a result, the facilities are very busy with the development of the next Forza. Unveiled in July 2020, the one that might be called the second simply Forza Motorsport is still quite mysterious, but could ze close very soon.

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Change 10 unveils the program Forza Insiders

Several players come sober to receive an invitation to join the Forza Insiders. This is a new program that packages the Switch 10 Suggestions System that we were telling you about it con a el an.

The Forza Insiders program asks you to answer questionnaires and receive ezines, but also and above all, to register for review periods.

The Sober Convert Team 10 is pleased to announce a new generation of the Suggestions Program de Change 10: The Forza Insiders!

This new and improved program will allow you to receive invites for surveys, updates, register sober checks and participate in studies sober research! We therefore invite you to register through our Forza Insiders registration survey!

To join the Forza Insiders, you must be a member of the Microsoft Video games User Analysis Plan. You will find the necessary details for your wording in the link below. release date, but it is planned exclusively on Xbox Collection Back button|T and Computer and will be available directly in the Xbox Sport Move and the PC Video game Move when released.

Join the Forza Insiders

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