Eight Xbox dojos are already working with the Unreal Motor 5 engine!


It was on the sidelines of the online event devoted to Unreal Motor 5, the latest generation graphics engine designed by World famous Video games, that we learned that several Microsoft galleries are working with this tool for their current projects. This bodes well for the near future, as the Unreal Motor 5 shows us ever more of its capabilities.

Xbox Sport Broadcasters on the front!

The Condition of Unreal 1548 has definitely provided us with sober nice announcements today: after having european union an official verification of the development of a next episode sober the business place Raider and having been able to admire the work of the sober teams The Coalition (Armor and weapon upgrades) on the engine, Microsoft has also testosterone levels honored .

Indeed, it was Dana Cowley, sober in charge of sober conversation within Epic Video games, who cost sober to present a whole list of sober studios sober development using the Not real Motor 5 engine as the basis of graphic support. Thus, the Xbox brand was particularly highlighted by the representative of Epic Video games before selling the rental to the demo of The Coalition facilities:

This year officially marks 20 years of Unreal Motor on Xbox, as well as the widespread adoption of the Unreal Motor by Microsoft teams, which create games that the industry will still be talking about for decades to come.

Among the companies mentioned , the full illustration of which you can admire in this content, eight Xbox Video game Dojos have been shown and are actively developing sober video game projects to come, including:

  • The Effort (also help by Crystal Characteristics) on Ideal Black
  • Rare on Everwild