China: program dogs bark health guidelines


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The videos, broadcast on social networks, have been seen around the world. We see software quadrupeds roughly equipped with sober loudspeakers. It is one of the chosen marketing communications settings, China in, could recall the confinement instructions imposed on the population facing the obscure news of COVID-.

As explained Reuters, the sober city Shanghai imposed this Friday, April 1, the overall confinement sober its 19 million inhabitants, to stop the sober distribution COVID-19, even as official figures dropped local cases for the second day in a row . This is the extension of a confinement that was already imposed in the eastern districts of the city which.

New very strict directives have thus been imposed for as long as it takes to control the epidemic. According to Reuters, the inhabitants were capital t sober not to go out sober at home summoned, prohibiting even sober taking out the trash or sober walking the dog. Although the infection rate in China is rather low compared to the global average, Shanghai in China contagions represent three out of four asymptomatic cases across the country. A city has therefore become the workhorse of the government.

Among the approaches adopted to confine a people and transmit health instructions, it con the sober more surprising than others. The learned authorities are thus put to use forex robot dogs, which ze walk in the deserted streets for the directions in force to recall. The videos showing these quadruped devices running through the city caused a lot of noise on social networks.

329 Photo.

The Paper (@thepapercn) April 1, 2022

Dissemination of health instructions by drones and robot dogs

The video above, broadcast by a media outlet affiliated with the Chinese government, The Paper, is an example. It was put online the 29 March and it shows the device altogether quite basic. A robotic dog’s voice actually comes from a loudspeaker roughly connected to boy 2, obviously with construction tape. What, however, to bark quite effectively in the streets. Similarly, flying drones have also activated testosterone levels to transmit containment guidelines, according to The Periods. The directions focused on specific sanitary gestures, such as do not remove your masks, wash your hands frequently and check your body temperature .

Enough to arouse some comparisons with famous films of anticipation among Internet users. reminds me of the TV series War of the Worlds, where strange dog breeds roam the streets and smash survivors in deserted streets

, thus expresses el specific Gabe in the comments of another sober video, relayed on Twitter. Fortification fortunately, these dogs only bark loudly in the ears of the unfortunate inhabitants of Shanghai in china. This is not a world first: in Singapore, programmed dogs had also been used to promote social distancing in parks, as evidenced by this video from the television channel CNBC.

According to the amazing viewpoint of a sober Chinese society transport Rayhaber, also published a post on the subject which, it will not be too strange sober to meet such a robotic dog in the streets of Shanghai soon, because some people start walking these robotic animals as sober pets.