Check – Elgato HD60 A – The extra wrestling box


Every day, more and more players are moving towards loading, el real fact sober society keeps sober accelerating which. This is why Elgato, acquired by Corsair in 2018, is adding to its sober product range in order to soberly offer new equipment in line with the walk and the release of the latest beauty parlor units. The new HD Times model complements the HD

products H+ and 4K60 T+ dj available on Tuesday. screen in 4K/Frames per second HDR in Passthrough, as well as a gameplay catch in 2018l/Frames per second HDR or in 4K/Frames per second without HDR.


The sober regulars of a brand will be sober surfaces known from the product packaging with a classic tiny genuine blue box, putting sober before the characteristics of the sober case captures where it is very easy to understand what we have to do. Sober and elegant (like a top-of-the-range product), the packaging has been designed to facilitate product accessibility, the sober image of the box captures have fun with and put. We first find the setting of use printed in four pictures on the lid could quickly understand opinion to proceed with the connections. Then we unpack the HD catch box Back button as well as a USB 3.0 C to A cable and an HDMI 2.0 cable.

Child’s play

As with all the other models, it is still just as easy and simple to make the connections. We need to connect the USB D cable from the box to the USB A 3.0 interface of our computer, insert the HDMI cable from our gaming console into the HDMI IN port of the HD60 X and finally could play in 4K/60FPS, connect the HDMI 2.0 cable between the HDMI OUT slot of the box and one of the inputs of our screen/telvisor.

So that the video stream via our gaming console is sent to the box via catch then dispatch on the Computer and on our screen to enjoy the game. We even have the option of connecting headphones via the HD’s jack port interface was able to capture the audio. On the other hand, you will have to buy the Chat hyperlink pro cable separately to capture the kid of the other participants if you are playing in multiplayer.

we must download the 4K Catch Utility software sober edition 1.7.6.

Always the same software

Push is sober to note that the software remains the weak link that drags on, edition after edition, all products from the Elgato range. Sober contrast, any home not throw away, quite the contrary. The software offers much appreciated ease of use and allows you to capture our events in just a few clicks. The parameters are intuitive and allow us to manage our recordings as we wish. Unfortunately, the lodges stop here. The program does not allow you to stream, but only to record your celebrations. It will be necessary to go through the software divisions, such as OBS, Xsplit, Streamlabs or other could be able to broadcast live.

Remember that the main platforms such as Facebook, Twitch and Youtube do not yet offer low 4K content for loading (although there is a chance that will happen in years to come). During our checks of the camera, we encountered difficulties in capturing other than 790s/60Frames per second HDR. Normally we can capture up to 2160g/30Frames per second without HDR, but it is difficult for us to uncheck the HDR situation and could deactivate it, probably due to software problems which should be corrected via a future update.

Regarding the shows, the HD60 Times owes us a little since it does not virtual assist in the fight of things. Sober on the other hand, it offers a better alternate to HD60 H+. For example, as shown in the table below available on the manufacturer’s website, the HD60 T+ has a few differences the same shows. A significant difference will make to the level of the catch blocked in 1080l/60Frames per second, unlike HD60 Back button which sony ericsson limits a catch until 790s/ Frames per second without HDR (4k/Frames per second) or in 1080g/60Frames per second with HDR. The fact of being blocked could wrestling in 4KFrames per second does not really meet the regularity of the latest console games of hair and facial salon which today tend towards 4K/Frames per second. So we don’t really understand the arrival of the HD A, which probably replaces the HD60 H+, without much added value. He learned that he was happy to meet the union minimum and was able to offer gaming comfort in 4K/Frames per second (like HD60 T+) when using the box put the loading and a catch in 4K but blocks in 30Frames per sec.

Table of shows


If your primary need is for low-level streaming content, the HD60 Times, in the same way as his little brother the HD60 S+, is perfect for broadcasting your events on the various sober platforms 1080l/60FPS. On the other hand, if you want to capture your celebrations and create video montages in 4K/60Frames per second, the product will not meet not all your needs result in the constraint in Frames per second. We advise you instead to get closer to the 4K60 H+ model, which you can find our check here: Test – Elgato wrestling card 4K60T+ – The new generation loading.

The sober camera photographed