Cat Recon: Breakpoint car bows out and will no longer receive new content


Launched sober October 759, Cat Recon: Breakpoint the european union much sober badly convince. Despite the initiatives of the facilities and the release of numerous contents, we learn today that the assistance of the title touches its very b.

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Farewell Ghosting Recon: Breakpoint

It is in a write-up information on social networks that we learn that Operation Motherland released sober October was one last and that the title will not receive sober new content. The teams thank players for their support and say that Cat Recon: Wildlands and Cat Recon: Breakpoint will still remain playable.

They also say that sober community feedback has been key and will help shape the future is sober business.

Remember that he already has a new game Cat Recon sober development, it’s about sober Cat Recon: Frontline a free-to-play FPS with sober tunes Call of Responsibility Warzone planned Computer , Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia and Amazon . com Luna.