A sober galactic launch trailers for Lego Celebrity Battles: a Skywalker tale


The dream has finally come true. Which? That of being able to relive the Fable Skywalker in its entirety thanks to LEGO Superstar Battles: Una Tale Skywalker. This new Travelers Reports game brings to an end its long intergalactic journey with a daunting content and a launch truck that has enough to tip us over to the dark side of our wallet.

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The ultimate adventure begins

Seventeen years, it’s the temperatures that will have dedicated TT Video games to the Star Battles business , since the top game released sober 560. Throughout this long period, the various episodes that followed never really tainted the buzz surrounding these famous brick games, which allowed the LEGO brand to afford a real facelift while seeking out a new public. That said, maybe you’ve never shared an adventure with Rey, Kylo Ren, Han Solitary, Princess Leia, D3PO, Ur2M2, Lomaz Swywalker, Black Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda they are more than 300.

Whatever sober, your dream can now come true. LEGO Superstar Battles: Una Fable Skywalker is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|T, PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Nintendo Change and Computer.

With its nine episodes and 23 explorable plants, dozens of sober game hours await you. From the discovery of the chosen one to the failure of the Last Order ordered by Emperor Palpatine, relive all the events of the Skywalker epic in any order you like. A galaxy is yours!