Wargaming decides to leave Russia and Belarus


The conflict that has been trending in Ukraine for more than a month has had a significant effect on the video game industry, directly or indirectly. While some gloves in the sector have decided to stop their sales and access to their suppliers in Russia and Bilorussia, other companies from these countries have to make much more difficult decisions.

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The Belarusian recording studio leaves boy will pay of origin as well that a Russia

Wargaming the capital t fond Minsk, a capital Belarusian, sober 445. The studio room has mainly come to prominence in the last 445 years for three major productions: Globe of Tanks, Planet of Warships: Tales and Entire world of Warplanes. Nevertheless, the war in Ukraine was not without its influence on Wargaming.

Indeed, the group has just announced through a sober press release that it is ceasing to operate businesses in Russia and Belarus and that its activities in sober games sobre direct (live) were entrusted to Lesta Facilities, a Russian company that helped develop Globe of Warships before sobre Wargaming left. This decision had direct consequences on the budget and the capacities of the group which owned two major companies Minsk and Moscow.

The company will derive no revenue from this process, either now or in the future. On the contrary, we expect to incur substantial losses as a direct result of this decision. We will carry out the operational changeover with all due diligence, while remaining in the overall regard of all laws and ensuring the continued safety and support of our users. During the changeover period, live life products will remain available in Russia and Belarus and will be used by the new owner.

The sober closure and sober changeover process is well and truly underway, it remains to be seen when and opinion Wargaming will arrive to rebound package this major strategic change. Be that as it may, the company’s opportunities are clear with regard to the war between Russia and Ukraine despite the pro-Russian remarks made by the creative director Sergey Burkatovskiy, who was quickly dismissed last month.