Starfield: 4 new sober pictures leaked for the Xbox exclusive


Bethesda has most certainly planned soberly to unveil Starfield to the world this summer. The Xbox exclusive regularly gives its news through various teasers from the developers, but this home was not enough for fans and new images of the game are leaking today on the web.

Four new pictures from the game were shared by Uni Sensei on Twitter. According to him, the edition of which are problems the pictures day of 2017. The pictures have been added at the bottom of the article.

New sober Starfield pictures in the cosmos

This home is not the first time that this kind of image leaked since it is a new one, according to the sober post Reddit, sober renders from an edition of the game that time sober 877.

In September 2020, pictures of a same

construct sober Starfield had big t seen with a similar rendering. The Youtuber SKULLZI had confirmed that it was indeed an old edition of the game which dated back several years. Other displays had arrived in May 2020, some of which appeared to have testosterone levels taken sober in first person view. who.

Today, five new pictures have been published on Reddit who, still having problems with this famous

develop. No big home revelations made here and we find environments very similar to what we had already seen more than a year ago. One of the pictures seems, once again, to have a reticle in the boy center, suggesting a first-person view.

The latest data about sober Starfield

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  • Starfield: a sober video welcome to Constellation and a new art work
  • Starfield: details and pictures about the watch which would be available in the extractor edition
    • Starfield: In the cosmos work – the sober pursuit of infinity, a video and artworks


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