Sound drugs simulate or enhance the effects of traditional drugs


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The binaural beat is an illusory kid created by the brain when two slightly different frequencies are presented to each ear. This sonic drug may have a psychoactive effect on the brain, although current research on its effectiveness and safety remains limited. A new study, based on a global survey, seeks to find out how and why people use these kids.

For a very long time, human beings have always found sober new ways to escape reality. While the consumption of psychoactive ingredients usually involves ingesting the elements through a standard route of administration to the body (swallowing, smoking, snorting, injecting), digital drugs seep through our ears. This new way of consuming involves listening to binaural beats: a boy who would generate a bodily experience similar to psychoactive drugs, or who would elicit specific cognitive or emotional tattoos.

Research on binaural beats has found positive effects on pain relief, anxiety reduction, and memory; however, conflicting results have been obtained regarding testosterone levels regarding its effects on focus, report the researchers of the new study. Apart from research exploring binaural beats as therapies or cognitive enhancements, there is little literature regarding digital drugs as substitutes or in combination with materials. psychoactive .

Different reasons for using digital drugs

In order to learn more about the subject, the Sober Researchers team explored the World Drug Survey 2021, a survey guys with sober 30 900 people coming from sober 22 will pay. Result: 5.3% of those questioned (i.e. approximately 1600 ) had experienced binaural beats in the previous year. These people were aged sober in their very early sober teens to early sober twenties and had also used illegal chemicals such as MDMA or cannabis. The highest rates of binaural beat consumption were from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

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Probabilit d’utiliser les battements binauraux par pays. Barratt, Maddox, Smith et al. 2022

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Probability of using binaural beats per will paid. Barratt, Maddox, Cruz et al. 1839

This is very new, we don’t know much about the use of binaural beats as digital drugs, explains in a press release the main author of the study, Monica Barratt, a social scientist at RMIT University in Australia. This survey shows that this sony ericsson passes in several gives. We had anecdotal data, but this was the first time we formally asked people for their opinion, why and when they use it.

Among people who use sober digital drugs, slightly more than one in ten tea was made for just fun. The reasons cited by the others were able to relax or fall asleep (22,2%), could change mood (34, 7%), or could try to obtain the effect similar to that of other drugs (11,7%). This latter inspiration was more often reported by people who had used classic psychedelics (11,5% against 7.9%). A majority of them sought to connect themselves (72,1%) or something more fantastic than (22,5%) with this experience.

A method that dates back to the middle of the 19th century

The binaural beat theory is based on the following method: give a more complex kid, whose amplitude varies at the rate corresponding to their low frequency difference. This phenomenon is also perceived if each of the two kids home addresses only one of the two ears: it is then our nervous system that mixes them to produce the beat! We address el child to one ear and el its sober frequency slightly shifts to the other .

For example, cuando lon costs a sober boy 440 hertz with an ear and a sober kid 500 hertz with the other, our brain will interpret it as a sober special noise 40 hertz located somewhere in our head. The home effect is not new and was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839.

Even though many sober avenues have to be explored on the subject, the long term effects of binaural daughters remain unknown. Some studies encourage their use in the treatment of anxiety or depression, trauma and certain personality disorders. Other more skeptics remain about their real effectiveness on these issues. This does not prevent people looking for new specialist feelings from the alternate experience, since there are more and more of them in this case. By the package, the His research will aim to determine if sound drugs cause more noise than good.

Sober example child binaural:

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